Street Fighter X Tekken with fight stick?

Will their be a pack or something that will come with the fight stick and the game? If so how much will it be?

They haven’t announced a package that comes bundled with one of the sticks yet. Who knows if they will have one.

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Just talking from experience, prices on fightsticks ALWAYS go up when a new capcom game gets released. Maybe not for version 2012 but that was just a patch anyway.

If you want a fightstick, get one ASAP.

I myself bought the SFxT stick as soon as it was announced (saved up job money) lol
They even have a new line of them coming out, so if you want the stick, you might not wanna wait to see if they bundle it together in case the price goes up

there most likely wont be a bundle but you can pre-order the newline of fightsticks that madcatz just released.

“Cross” and “Line” fightsticks are just black remakes of the old red and white SFxTK T.E. Pro and its the same MSRP of $159.99

the “V.S.” Stick is a whole new beast and its $199.99 MSRP. Its bigger then any T.E. Stick sold to date and has the ability to connect with another V.S. Unit for a authentic arcade feel. There is a thread about the Fightstick itself and their will be Specs on it soon.

Personally im saving for a V.S. stick myself…its not a necessary but i always say…you live once…you mite as well do it big.