Street Fighter X Tekken X King Of Fighter Doujinshi Project


Hello, you still follow about this theme &


Nice work dude!!


I don’t get what you say but you do know you can always @me to call my attention @German
And of course if it’s that Heavy D senseless beating Balrog/Boxer, I happily approve.


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@KensouADV you think Heavy D more strong as boxer then Balrog :?


Hi, i think this is a neat idea. KOF, SF and Tekken are three universes that fit like a glove with each other. The thing is, it must respect certain fiction standards to be more than a fanfic.
For instance, the three heroes got pretty disimilar personalities which made them pretty compatible. You have shy ascetic Ryu, serious gangsta-ish Jin and in-you-face inmaturish Kyo. They’re like Powerpuff Girls, you can’t lose.
But for the vilains, there’s another thing. In order to really represent the conflict you should have one. Rugal is a great choice. Meanwhile, Bison, Heihachi, or Kazuya could be baddies but with an interest conflict with Rugal, kinda what GoT does. Gill, Ogre, Orochi or the Satsui no Hadou could be left as deus ex machinas, or devil ex machinas (“ha ha”).
I believe that if you gonna develop Ryu, you should take the post SFV Ryu because believe, the thing with the SnH became old pretty much after SF4 came out. That struggle has already been told plenty of time, and by powerhouses like Masahiko Nakahira. I would explore the own unique posibilities of this particular story.
The fights between competible characters and not just similar ones are important too. Fortunately they’re all more or less 7-C/A tiers so nobody would stomp the other. But instead just Feilong vs Marshall you could try, for instance, Benimaru vs Blanka, or Bison vs Iori. Just what SFXTekken did with Brian and Jack vs Guy and Cody. G R E A T chemistry, non just pallete swap battle.
If not, every crossover looks like a power rangers team up xD