Street fighter zero 2 alpha

dont think there is a thread on this game yet, i got it at my local arcade recently and relised its alot diff than zero 2, anyone got sumthing to say about this game? tiers? etc, i been using akuma and charlie, i want to learn sodom but to me he seems bottom tier, anyway im just a newbie at this, any info would be cool :slight_smile:

Top should be nearly the same, like in Alpha2 (Rose, Chun, Ken …).

a few points, which come to my mind right now about Zero 2 Alpha:

  • the fireball damage is decreased a lot
  • CC’s are easier to activate (just 2 Buttons)
  • Ryu gains a new fireball and lost his knockdown for the Ha Do Ken (close to the opponent)
  • Guy gained a new level 3 super Move
  • the graphics are a tiny bit better

Also, in this version Sakura has her DP+K,P overhead smash special from Alpha 3, although I believe it can only hit once.

And pressing Start 5 times while the cursor is on her at the character selection screen gives you another full set of color pallettes to choose from for her. :stuck_out_tongue:

The colors of the health/power bars and menus and such are different from A2, as well.

ACs take up 2levels so u can do repeated ACs like u did on A2. Bison and Gen have different jump speeds,Rose has a new move (towards and roundhouse) tiers are the same. Champion Editions of Ryu,Ken,Sim,Gief,Chun Li,Sagat, and Bison by pressing start on them. Sagat has a super taunt D,F,D,F and start that increases his damage, Ken has a new close up roundhouse knee, Ryu’s red fireball is a move now (instead of just a close up fierce), think Akuma’s taunt now hits and I think Rolento’s.

Probably some more stuff but the basics are the same. I think it’s like Reload is to GGXX…it balances out things

Most of the old A2 heads would say Z2 Alpha didn’t balance out anything but just made the game worse.

what makes ryu and ken top tier and akuma not??

Akuma’s air and ground fireballs have been drastic toned down from his A1 counterparts. He also takes more damage then Ryu and Ken also I guess it’s the price he pays for having 4 supers and tons of special moves.

Rolento’s CC doesn’t do shit in A2Gold. sucks.

But I think you can cancel into CC off low forward? Wee…

I think I read somewhere that Gen was beefed up in A2Gold? Anyone?

Is this the version that was included with the first Street Fighter Collection? If so is Cammy in the arcade version? Does Gief’s Lariat completely suck? Does Rolento’s CC suck?

Edit: Haha that’s fucked dude, I posted the same shit as you 1 minute after.

And you still haven’t replied.

No , cammy’s not in the arcade version.


Oh yeah, Gief’s lariat fucking BLOWS. We were playing the other day… I would get hit out of it EVERY TIME. Get this, the time he DIDN’T attack during the jump-in, he fell right through the damn thing!

So “fuck this” I said… LVL3 Russian slam!!! That flew up, touch him, and PUSHED HIM BACK 2 INCHES. Awesome.

I was stunned. Maybe I was just unlucky or something… but damn.

Akuma’s CC’s are worse compared to Ken’s main Tatsumaki one for example. I just wanted to add this to the repley of mr.hadoken.^^

Thanks Terry_nb for adding to that. When it comes to CCs I don’t know a thing really. I never really did them that much on either A2,A3,CVS2, etc.

I remember reading that the japs had Akuma rated as good… Something about a dizzy combo (crossup,,, FB?) and the fact that you can link CC off practically anything… most notably his LK hurricane.

I remember also seeing a buff CC that involved red FBs?

>shrugs< I dunno…

his,, light hurricane kick, light uppercut is pretty good if they dont duck, im not sureif u can link ccs of it though,next time after the light hurricane, i will try cc, but yeah since he takes alot of damage i think its time i use sumone else.

btw anyone know if sodom is playable? like is he real buttom tier or he is medium?

akuma’s strong dp doesn’t knock down on 1st hit, which really really fucking sucks in that game since you use strong dp to counter limbs and or cc activations.

The Japanese sucked at A2.

Edit - Sodom is pretty damn good. if opponent is corner you can do jab scrape and if they block level 1 grab super (from helllla far away). His cross up game is really good - like Sakura good. The only thing he is truly lacking is a super damaging custom but his ac is good, cross up, supers, etc. Unless you are playing against like…10 people in america that truly know A2 in and out, you can do really well with Sodom.


I havnt played this game in a very long time, but the biggest difference i remember was that Ken’s kick Alpha counter took off ridiculous amounts of life in Alpha (maybe Zero) 2 but they fixed this in Zero 2 Alpha.

I really like what they have done to Alpha Counters in A2G. Since you ALWAYS want at least a 1 level meter in this game, you can’t just AC freely because unless you had a full 3 levels, you won’t have any left if you do.

Someone PLEASE give me some ideas for meter usage with Rolento. As much as I like playing around with the grenade super, I want his CC back. :frowning: I’m wanting to always use meter because I feel that it’s a sin to waste a lvl3 on a CC.

Dan had a new color. Couldn’t you pick Shin Gouki as well?

i hate bumping old topics but we aren’t allowed to create new ones so whatever…

I started playing this thing and I can’t figure out CCs at all. You only get 4 seconds for a full bar!

Also, pressing start twice on chun li gives her old costume in white color. Only move I can seem to pull off is d,u+k which is her overhead. What the heck’s her move list?