Street Fighter Zero 3 Online 2003 (by mgame) retouched filtered sprites

Street Fighter Zero 3 Online 2003 (by mgame)

its like KOF94RE style keeping the original art style

Mgame SFZ3 was based on the original SFZ3 art direction that is turn more Hi-res version

while HD remix was very different its and completely different ART DIRECTION that is based on UDON and still fine.

the only problem it was on korean from the online developer game named MGAME

the sprites was closer to the original SFA3 sprites

now mgame has officially drop the game and nowhere to be found.

i think its license renewal issues?

Here is the site before it went down complete i manage to keep it on the archive

Had anyone played it?

any thoughts?


Mgame is one of those free to play mmo publishers. I doubt this was anything to write home about. From looking at the bottom of the screenshots it looks like it had pay cheat codes to increase HP and add time to the clock. Even if the art style is the same changes like those pay cheat codes would have made it play very differently.

The artwork looks great.