Street fighter zero3 disc color?

What does the zero3 playstation disc look like? I have a Blue and Orange R. Mika disc. On ebay the guy has a gold disc with a fist? Does anyone know which is right, or what the deal is?


Mine looks like the one you have, from your description. I’ve never heard of a gold disc with a fist. his??? mine…

I think that is birdie on the gold disc???

I guess the gold one is the “greatest hits” version.

Yup, that one is the “CapCore” edition. The way they press games for mass production is different than the US. They make a single order of a specific amount and then re-release after a certain amount of time depending on popularity. More often than not the liner and disk art are changed to reflect the difference/cut costs(usually cutting costs). The average time for eash pressing is about 6 months.