Street Fighter3 Third strike results for Mindboggle Nov.9th 2002

1st-Paul Lee
2nd-Darick P.
4th-Andrew Ward"BLT"
5th-Matt F.
5th-Jose Hernandez
7th-Larry Dixon"Shinblanka"
7th-Jae Purvis"ShinRyuX"
7th-Eric Valencia
7th-Samuel Ackerman"Drfunkenstien2k"
9th-Nhan Nguyen
9th-Brian Mai
13th-Eric Peterson"DoomsdayKen"
13th-Dwayne Barnes"Bison812"
13th-Jose C.
13th-Jim Sejas"Rekkaken"
17th-J.C. Hernandez
17th-David Hellman"Mr.Grimm"
17th-Ted King"LiquiTed"
25th-James Brenner"Jive Turkey Jones"
25th-Rodolfo C.
25th-Ray Miller
25th-Rod West"juggrknot"

Thank you sir for posting the full results.:cool: For of those who want to see the national ranking in 3S then go to this link:

I’ll be posting them on that website as soon as I finish this post. Great tournament with mad skillz from everyone that entered. See ya’ll next time!:cool:

I fear “London Paul” :smiley:

Good to see these results down man. Just something to keep in mind though, usually the rankings go something like this:

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 5th, 7th, 7th, 9th, 9th, 9th, 9th, 13th, 13th, 13th, 13th, 17th, 17th, 17th, 17th, 17th, 17th, 17th, 17th, 25th, 25th, 25th, 25th, 25th, 25th, 25th, 25th…thats the usual layout of a 32 man bracket.

ack… get rid of the “london paul” !!

aside from that… I had a really good time at this tournament, everyone was far too kind and ya can’t beat free lemonade.

I agree with you sir. Me and Jae tied for 7th.:slight_smile: Ga. and SC are going to do better in the next 3S tournament. :cool:

Dead last, baby!!


( :lol: )


I had no idea I got 5th…Imma pat Yun on the back next time I see him and he’s not flashing blue:eek: . Maybe I should actually start playing this game seriously. That’s an idea…

Hey… congrats on the win paul… who were you using? Anyone besides ken?

Hey look I’m a scrub:confused:

BTW…The David Hellman aka “MrGrimm” is a Greenville , SC player who AFAIK wasn’t at the tourney and doesn’t even play 3S.


Nice Paul. So Cal players own the rest of the US.

[presents a small sugar cookie to Frankie3S]


am i missing something here or is that really someone elses name as well? with the same last letter LOL

I demand a rematch !!!
Dwayne…you know it’s coming:evil:



Hmmmm I should’ve came down!!!

congrats to all the ppl that came Paul insane playing hope i can get a chance to play some of the cali skills. Ted next time :eek: