Event Name: THE DOJO hosted by 510 Brawlers

When: Sunday August 23rd 2009 at 1 PM-10PM ****Tournament Sign Ups Close at 3 PM! So Get Here early!

Where: 534 Est 12th Street Oakland ,CA

**How much and Which Games?: **Street Fighter 4 and Blazblue
The Street Fighter 4 Tournament will be 15 dollars to play

Blazblue will be 10 dollars to play

Money for both games will go mainly towards the pot for each games tournament prizes

Prizes: The Prizes for both tournaments will be awarded to the 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Blazblue 1st place 50 dollars
2ndplace 30 Dollars
3Rdplace 15 Dollars

Street Fighter 4 1st place 70% of pot+100 dollars!
2ndplace 20 %
3rdplace 10 %

Prizes will or can change depending on how many people attend this event. So the more people who come?the higher the prizes get…

Double Elimination

Matches will consist of Best of 2/3
Finals will be in best of 3/5
All matches are to be best 2/3 rounds
All characters are legal.

In the event of a draw, both players will engage in a Sudden Death match that will determine the winner.

Pausing the game during a match will become a WARNING. If it occurs again an automatic loss will go to the person who paused the game.

Console on which the games will be played on will be determined between the 2 who will play being they choose either PS3 or Xbox 360

A buttons configuration match will be allowed before you can start your actual matches

**No Turbo usage allowed PERIOD

BYOC meaning Bring your own controller!**

We are not responsible for any lost property you bring your stuff you watch your stuff

Side notes:
Right now we have 3 xbox set ups with 1 ps3 set up all 4 systems with SF4 copies and 1 copy of Blazblue. We ask if anyone who plans to attend could possibly bring another ps3 set up with SF4 and BB and if you can please contact us as soon as possible at

We?re organizing this tournament to simply have fun, meet more SF and BB players around us and hell make a little money on the side doing what we like to do the most playing VIDEO GAMES!! :rock:

Count me in! First time experience for me! :party:

cost $15 to enter and you only win $70? cough rip off cough

u do see where it say prizes will/can change on how many people actually attend dont u?

maybe you should highlight the part where you say the prize could change or else people with so much confidence like him could actually read it

its not a matter of confidence its a matter of promoting a tournament event correctly. When someone uses words like “mainly” or “depends” makes it not even worth attending.

so if 25 people come will the pot change? how many people need to come for the pot to change? does it depend on how greedy the tournament host is?

damn these kiddie brawlers, like talking to a brick wall.

how much is the venue fee really?

hmmm. guess i’ll come by.

not charging anything for admission… we figured sign up for SF4 or BB

you can sign for both n u will end up paying 25 that way ur in both tournies…

but if u only pay 15 ur only in sf4 if and likewise if u only pay 10 for BB

120% of the pot??? MATHEMAGIC!!

Seriously, what’s the payout?

Thread’s off to a bad start. Or a good start, I guess, depending on what kind of drama you like.

seriously whats the payout???..

Onikage has mad math skills that should have been brought up earlier.

:xeye: ??

at the end of the day we arent pocketing much money at all im actually puttin alot of work into this along with the rest of the guys gettin us set up for it…like buying extra copies of SF4 for the xboxs that dont got it and the others paying off the rent for this shop that we’re using…

I wouldn’t buy extra copies if I were you. Just ask nicely for people to bring their copies or system. Make sure pot layout is completely designated right off the bat so there’s no confusion cause honestly, most of the good players I know are in it for the money.

If it ain’t a major/regional, the bragging rights is just gravy and the tournament winnings is everything.

Count me in. Just make it worth ppl’s time. If you throw a good tourney and have a good pot, EVERYONE will show up.

this will be our 1st tourny that we organize so dependin on how this one goes it will determine whether we do another… an not just that but we will go from any mistakes we do make if we make any in this one…

Yea only reason we’re buyin the extra copies is mainly for the other set ups were usin that dont got any SF4’s…id buy more BB if i could but those are a lil more expensive…and with buyin the extra copies of sf4 i could end up givin em away as a present to some friends or even as a back up copy seeing as my old xbox almost destroyed my Collector’s Edition copy

Also we got 5 xbox set ups as of right now along with 1 ps3 set up… we also have a Projector that will project onto the wall and a bigger HD tv dats hung on the wall also so all in all this should be pretty fun


As of Today we have decided to throw an extra 100 dollars on top of 70% of the pot to the 1st prize winner of the SF4 Tourny!

this sounds very tempting but pho hoa lao and cam huong across the street sounds even better lol dam now i want a V-bread with patte