LOL do u live close by? rofl that was funny…

hopefully i can make this.

close by? nah not really. hometown? yeah. i always have to bring my dad around v-town to buy groceries. still craving that v-bread

:lol: hopefully I can make this. Don’t know which I’ll enter tho :xeye: If I do come I might be able to bring a copy of SF4 and or blazeblue :wgrin:

Haha nice bro can’t wait to see u guys all there this Sunday! YEE!!

This will be my first tournament! I will be there!


UPDATE: We now have 6 Xbox set ups and 2 Ps3 Set Ups…Its gonna be real clean We got the Projector up n running with the nice stereo sound and the HD Wall mounted TV up already…We go for final Set Ups tomorrow then Ready for Sunday! Woot!

UPDATE: SIGN UPS CLOSE AT 3pm Sunday…So get here early!


Sounds cool. I dont know why people are complaining, the price is reasonable, last month i went to a tourny that charged you to get in and charged you to play in the tournament. I’m going for sure.

ill be heading down there with another person.

This is today!

the tournament turn out pretty nice.

even though i didn’t play any sf4 games, it was fun watching.

where was the ps3 love? i was sitting there playing killzone 2 the whole time lol

GG’s everyone today. This venue has a lot of potential to becoming something great.

LPN also owns my soul for free.

sikwidit. that venue has alot of potential for bigger turnouts. much appreciated for hosting and everybody who waz involved, hopefully u can do another in the future. ggs to everyone i played today. sorry if nebody’s feelings got hurt when i played dem, its just how bison is. haha im jk xD


Haha thx alot guys for showing up…it really was fun hosting n watchin every1…We will definitely keep on trying to host these as we had a decent turn out…(least to my standards lol) but ill surely try to do those hints u told me bout(Filipino champ,Twins,LPN)…any ways heres the link to the brackets n places…

1st Place LPN
2nd Place Ramin Partovi
3rd Place N Partovi

LOL which one were u? lol yea man the sf4’s for ps3 didnt end up comin as i had hoped/planned for…maybe next time…

Good games everyone. Ryan pls Ublock me from aim, nice meeting the twins and congrats to lpn.

Ggs to sikwidit + crew.

:lol: how was blazblue :wonder:

lol Blazblue wasnt…only 2 people showed up for it then they left wit their set-up…n den 2 more people came but just stayed to watch SF4 once i told em the other 2 left lol…next time i do a BB one ill post it up on dustloop…

The venue you guys have is too perfect.

When is the next tourney?