Hrm as of right now we’ve been sayin in another week…maybe next next weekend but as of right now were not sure as i have my daughter this whole week…as soon as we get it figured out I’ll let all you guys know n properly advertise it this time haha

right now we are trying to get in bigger tv’s cuz some tv’s we had looked like they was from the 80’s soo…yea we gonna take this week to set everything up.

u should try hosting one during westcoast warzone cause i heard only a couple of people from nor cal is going down there to compete jus an idea

O.o is that right?

GGs to everyone, glad to see some people at a higher level…scrapin online aint nothin like that tourney pressure out here… come again…i helped a lil bit, but big ups to Sik and Blazin. We’ll be doin this shit again for sure.

oohh yess we doing this again coming up this Sunday Sept 6th! check out the other thread we got up!!