Street Fighter5 Travel Case?!

does anyone know where you can get the sf5 travel/game cases which you can
see in this video

and which monitor is placed in?

Hard to say, as there also many custom made set ups. The front bezel on that monitor could be 3D printed.
As for the monitor it could be one of the many cheap PC monitors that have only 10ms of input lag that most likely listed on Display lag dot com.

Ben Heck is known for making travel cases and Laptop versions of current consoles and often gets jobs from various companies in the gaming and computer industry.
So these could be one of his builds. These Street Fighter V cases look alot like what Ben built for use for troops deployed overseas.

The case is the black edition vanguard from GAEMS.

From their front page it seems they are releasing a custom vanguard for sf5

thx guys

I saw there also the Sentry case also from GAEMS. It is cheaper than the Vanguard case.