Street Fighters Zero 3, Saturn Vs Dreamcast


Does anyone have some side-by-side pics or vids of these two versions?


Saturn had more rich colors, DC looked a little faded.


They both look the same to me and I own both versions. Not like it matters anyway.


I dont remember if Im correct or not but the Saturn version is closer to the arcade than the DC version.


Yeah but he asking about visuals, not gameplay for some reason.


all DC games are capable running @ 720p if you get the 20$ converter. Pretty cheap price to make old games look good. Mvc2 in particular looks amazing in 720p on the DC.


What converter are you speaking of?

I tried looking for Dreamcast VGA adapters a few months ago but had no luck. A friend gave me one years ago but it doesn’t work now. :frowning:


For real? Any lag due to the converter? Linky please!!!


That shit was awesome. Racing games with realistic graphics, like Midnight Club, looked totally real, fighters looked good (jaggy cus you could see all the sprites’ rough edges), and there was no lag. Used to only cost 20 bucks in stores, expect a price jump.


Buy Dreamcast VGA Box w/ S-Video Cable (Connects DC System to PC Monitor): 19.85

still around 20-30 bucks or so.

The dreamcast even has a portable storage device available for the system. Burning games for the DC has been a thing of the past for 2-3 years now. They sell this SD card adapter for a DC and with a homebrew app off the net you burn to a CD, you can access the iso’s right off the SD card.

if you can’t find the VGA box on line, you can build your own pretty cheap.

note* even games that aren’t capable of running in 720p can be displayed in 720p. However, I think that 90% of DC games are HD ready I believe.


Dreamcast VGA output is 480p, not 720p.

I suppose someone could build a box that would scale the video to 720p, but most HDTV’s have that built in already.


holy fucking shit thank you for this link. i couldnt find vga boxes for a reasonable price a whiel ago when i looked