Street Funnies!


Hey guys!

Check out the first of many Street Funnies to come! We’ll be posting a new one of these every Monday over on the UDON site, so come visit us sometimes :wink:

The first Street Funny and more info on the original comics can be found here. Hope you guys like it!


If you can throw in an SF3 reference, heck if you can throw DOZENS of SF3 reference that only hardcore SFers would know, that’d be freaking epic.


That was pretty funny. I still have that issue where Sagat scalps Ken, and then Ryu fights a car only to discover Ken’s scalp. It’s one of my prized comics.

However, I’m a bit offended that the little cover blurb mocking the Street Fighter movie. That’s one of the best action movies ever. Jean Claude delivers many classic lines in that SEMINAL (“seminal” means “born of the semen”) film:

“Eyem going to kick [pause] that SONFABEESH Bison’s ass SO HORD [long pause] that the next Bison WHANNABE [even longer pause] isgonnafeelit.”

For the past 10 years, I’ve been praying that Street Fighter IV can live up to the legacy.


Ah leave Malibu-verse Ryu and Chun-Li alone lol! :rofl:


The movie is only good for laughs, plus this post of yours means nothing if you didn’t buy the BluRay release of the movie.


These are gonna be hilarious.
There is so much potential depending on what direction of comedy they go.
Looking forward to the goofiness.
I also expect some uncensored fan edits as well…:wink: