Street Magic Round 3 (3/13/10) Results

A lil bit of a late post. I apologize. Work demands back at the Krusty Krab.


  1. Keno
  2. Combojack
  3. Kai
  4. Jimmy
  5. Peter
  6. TheGoodOne
  7. LiverBlow
  8. Jeff Effect
  9. Binkley
  10. BlaQSkillz
  11. Brian
  12. Jdeez
  13. Eric
  14. Adam

A big thanks to everyone who participated in the tourney, especially Keno, Combojack, and Kai. You guys definitely put on a show that everyone enjoyed.

Also a big thanks to Kris, Adam, and Ray for helping put on this event. This couldn’t have happened without you guys!

O and if anyone wants to check out the final match.

Here are the youtube links for the vids.