Street Spriter (SFZ + SFII)

Street Fighter ZERO © CAPCOM 1995-1998

Sprites edited by me with photoshop 7

looks good. :slight_smile:

Can’t lie, the Final Fight sprites look incredible. Bison with Magnus’s body had me in stitches though. hahaha

Good stuff, good stuff.

lol is that boxer + honda?

Chun Li + Vega = DO NOT WANT!

Cammy VS ChunLi /// THAILAND

Ryu VS Sean /// USA

Vega VS Ryu /// JAPAN

Dan VS Sagat /// HONG-KONG

Ryu VS Ken /// JAPAN

SUPER Street Fighter II © CAPCOM 1993

Sprites edited by me with photoshop 7

Love that Abel

Nino…you have just moonwalked.

Haggar VS Abel in Muscle Bomber.

Guile & Ken cosplay Terry & Ryo.

Urien & Gill from SFIII.

Feilong Alternative Costume.

Thanks Hexed & X-Sword.

Adon / Geki / Sean /Unknow

Geki is dope. I wish he was in more games!