Streetfighter 2008 Game/movie

This interview of a capcom rep of the upcoming streetfighter movie got me going (this is just a segment):

"BIZ: With the focus on Chung Li for this film, do you foresee a film franchise that will focus on different characters moving forward?

CB: This is the introduction of different films. The fact that the first one is based on Chung Li gives you an indication of the direction we’re going. It’s more specific to character and storyline rather than a nebulous plot. It’s actually making it far more relevant to the story line and characters in the game, as well. Capcom is not about licensing out IP to get the best it can out of the movie industry. We’re about building our brands. Street Fighter is one of our major brands.

*And although we haven’t talked about any new Street Fighter games going forward, it is a major brand for us.

BIZ: The original Street Fighter: The Movie spawned games featuring the digital likenesses of Jean Claude Van Damme and Raul Julia. Will we see new games based on this film?

CB: I can confirm that we have a multi-format strategy for Street Fighter, what, when, how and why we’re not talking about. Anniversaries for key franchises are important milestones in the game industry. We have a 20th Anniversary of Street Fighter in 2008 and we’ll be developing a number of properties around that for the anniversary. "

clearly, when the capcom rep says “multi-format” hes not just tlaking about movies. I would definately place my bet on a next gen game, which obviously entail improved graphics. Possibly a pretty 2d fighter (a la ggx) or 3d (EX series).

hopefully it’s not the latter…andi swear to God if they release one more streetfighter game rehash im going to shoot myself.

what do you guys think? possible streetfighter sequel/prequel? or am i spewing shit outta my mouth?

You guys do realize that this game will probably be developed by Capcom USA right?

whats “street fighter?”

How many more collctions can they make??

Can’t even spell Chun-li right lol.

and it doesn’t seem like a typo= = …

you’re kidding with that right? ggx looks like shit compared to 3s. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fucking retard and should kill himself now.

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the word COLLECTION was mentioned so all yall shut da fuck up don’t get ur hopes up just yet it’s gon be an EX colelction re hash n i’l bet they’l b shitty ports.

yup i agree~ i think Hokuto no ken is more fun the GGXX

i dont see the harm in that

havent you ever seen final fight revenge?? :wonder:

Fuck that! What they need to do is make another anime movie based of of SF3. We do not need a SF movie starring Chun Li…she’s a whore. :rofl: :rofl:


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Yeah, and it’s March of 07, all I care about is the here and now. And right now I’m still playing 3s after 8 fucking years.

That’s Chong Li…not Chung

Chung Li?

its starting chunli? Why!?!?!?!?!

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that aside,

there were rumours flyin all over the place back in 2005 about a streetfighter sequel. Those rumours died down, but it’s possible that if there WAS any streetfighter sequel to be released it could still be in the making. the time period from 2005-2008 is a reasonable amount to make a decent streetfighter title.

probably just wishful thinking. But as a big streetfighter fan myself (3rd strike enthusiast) im pretty optimistic.

yeah put snipes in there! with tony ja somehow and directed by hype williams and john woo! jessica alba should be chun! i don’t give a f&k! holla