Streetfighter 4 display issuse

I have a TV that handles up to 1080P or 1080i i dont really recall but my PS3 is set to that setting 1080…

I understand SF4 only supports 720… with that being said whenever i press the “PS” button to go view my friends list and invite them the icons are huge… has anyone experienced this issue or know how to resolve it?

I’ve seen the game on a similar tv and it doesnt have that issue.

Well, I had that originally because I only had the 1080i mode selected in display settings. I went there and checked 720, then it won’t be upscaled anymore.

You might have a TV that only does 1080i and doesn’t scale. The stupid system can’t scale so you have to manually set your console to the closest resolution you can support. So in your case set it to 720p and see if it works – if not you’re stuck with 480p.