Streetfighter 4 Or SF3 3S online ed? which will you be playing?


With the release of 3rd strike online coming to xbox and Psn, i was curious as to how this will divide the fighting game community. A lot of people complain about the changes that were made in SF4 in regard to how it was in the older games, game mechanics such as input leniency, reversal windows, auto correct etc etc. And that 3rd strike is the much more ‘hardcore’ of the two games with less scrubby tactics and basically requiring that you are a lot better at the game to do well at.

which of you are going to be dropping SF4 altogether and just playing 3rd strike? any one skipping 3rd strike entirely? or are most of you going to be dabbling in both of them at the same time?

personally i love 3rd strike, but it passed me by when it was first released and ive only started playing it really the last couple of years. SF4 has seen much more play in general from me and i dont think id turn my back on it completely, as i definatly want to give 3rd strike a real shot at getting legitimatly good at the game.

anyone elses thoughts on how the current SF4 community will be divided? i think it will be interesting to see whether the games get divided between more serious/casual players, as i can definatly imagine the competition being a lot more fierce on SF3 as opposed to 4.


Hi. People are already playing SFIV. People still play ST and Alpha whatever and 3S with SFIV being released. And you can play more than one game.


I will be playing both.


Probably both. Wouldn’t want my Cammy to get even rustier than it is now.


No neither option? Aww…


whichever one more people play??? idk thats where the comp is


SF3rd strike was much more input unnecessarily difficult while SF4 was just plain crap. Hardcore is not having any combos and having a reliable counter, grab, block system where losers are ripped in half.


“A casual in DOA is considered a pro in everything else.”


Dark Awake


yeah buddy


I have a deep hatred for SFIV/SSFIV and it’s casual leanings (I don’t think it’s a bad game, it just doesn’t offer me what I look for in my FGs: zero tolerance for scrub play) so I will be playing 3s exclusively. It also has characters that interest my weird tastes.

Heres hoping that 3s: OE comes out sooner than later because otherwise Capcom will make one of the same mistakes they made with it originally: releasing it well after fighting games are in the public eye. Us hardcore fans will buy it regardless but Capcom need to understand that SFIV/SSFIV/MvC2 re-release didn’t sell so well because it was a shitload of fighting game fans. It was because the average gamer felt like buying it. While the average gamer is still distracted from call of duty and halo they need to release 3s otherwise it’ll only sell to the same cult audience.




If you dont think that 3s can tolerate scrub play then clearly you havent seen me play 3s.


none of them


yea seriously. my alex is scrub and it owns to play as scrub alex. whats up bitc u getting up from knockdown? how about i standing fierce your ass


This is a bait thread that will lead into a flame war, imo.


You can only play one or the other. Or possibly both.

Behold the sheep logic of SRK.


I’ll be playing mainly Super IV, but I’ll throw down on some 3S occasionally, a few of my friends and I occasionally pop in SF:AC and that game is fun as hell as long as everybody sucks about as bad as you do. Fact of the matter is though, I’m about 10 years too late to learn the 3 series proper. The comp’s so far ahead of me I don’t think I’ll realistically be able to compete. The IV series on the other hand has grown alongside me, and while I’m not going to make top 8 at Evo next year, I feel like I can compete at Super IV.


I try to play 3s on ggpo but I just get handled on. So hopefully it will be full of scrubs so I can figure out some shit and even win a few matches. I’ll play sfiv too.

I’ll also wish for a port of cvs2 on xbla/psn till it happens…


I don’t see an Arcana Heart 3 option.