Streetfighter 4 spoilers!


i thought this issue was pretty good except for the part where cammys origin was dreadfully cropped. in game continuity cammys origin was full of triumph she fought bisons influences on her own and saved the dolls all by herself. she didnt need some stupid psychic with purple hair called “rose” to kill her and ressurect her. if that was only it i could deal but now it seems as if the writers of streetfighter have made cammy not even human with this remark “have the potential to be…human” i dont see why the writers of streetfighter feel they needed to change all the good things about cammy. as for rose’s comments about seeing the change in cammy and the emptiness in her soul. what change? how was there emptiness in her soul? judging from the back up story cammy seemed quite normal…crazy but normal. maybe if she talked like how shadow charlie talked “like a robot” and then she suddenly talked normal i would see the change instead we see none of this. i’m really saddened by this because the streetfighter comic has followed game continuity very closely.


Do not think we are throwing away the whole Cammy history becoz of one page. You will see what we are heading towards in later issues.

There are things that we have to switch around so that everything flows better. We are doing a book that involves most of the cast and we all know that if we only follow ONE character’s continuity, a lot of other stories would not work. So just be patience. There are more to this… :slight_smile:

As for the back up story, it is drawn and written by Adam Warren and it is done in advance that he has done the Cammy in a more natural “human” way and we respect the guest so we keep what he did. In the main story, you do see that Cammy is less human but more of a controlled killing machine. Apologize for the confusion there.


where’d u order sf#4 at?


Actually, the comic has taken a humongous deviation from continuity and has been slated to continue to do so since the introduction of Shadow. In fact, I’d venture to say that the Street Fighter Animated Movie followed continuity closer than the comic has done since issue 3, even (note: As the comic IMHO shouldn’t be expected to follow continuity, this isn’t a criticism of it so much as just a factual pointing out of things).


alright i understand. but did you have to kill off shadowlaw cammy so quickly it would have been so cool if she was sent by bison to dispose of shadow charlie or even ryu i mean shadowlaw cammy barely had anytime to shine.:frowning:


Technically, in the actual game, it could be argued that she needed Dhalsim to “ressurect” her (although the kill part isn’t exactly there), so Udon could actually be sorta seen as just switching the psychic around.

Actually, saying Cammy has the potential to be human kinda goes along with the actual canon, too. Bison in the game keeps on telling the Dolls things like “Don’t even think you could live your life as a human!” so saying “has the potential to be human” goes along with that, really.


Man, if your griping over this, you’d die if you saw the Jademan SF…

lmao at Bison, step father of Chun


fill me in here, cause i think i missed something

how did Cammy end up with Rose?
cammy just seemed to be with Rose after issue2 (i think, not too sure?). wasnt she with bison?


apparently rose “found” cammy. but how cammy ended up in roses cluthces doenst seem to important to the streetfighter crew.


Wow guys chillllll! I thought this issue was awesome! Its only number 4, the answers will come in time. And I hope this comic will be very long lived. Just be glad SF is a on going comic and not a mini series. Besides Cammy is not that badass anyway. And did I miss something where did the leters section go?


i liked it all but the cheap shot. It wasn’t funny like the others


I like the comic but can’t help but think that comic books these days are really too small for this type of thing. Everything feels so… compressed.


oh, i do concur!
see, i am chinese and i can read it! so every now and then, i would come across with some japanese-translated-to-chinese comic ( or manga, to some ppl) and they are really packed with action!
they would be like 10-15 issue packed into one! and for those that doesnt know, an issue comes once a weeks! so the wait isnt that bad!
the only thing is that it’s black and white, plus i am sure that many of you are aware of this, so yea