StreetFighter 4 Udon?

Well its highly unlikly but how many of you think capcom will release SF4 or Udon will release street fighter 4 i hope they dont leave us with just 3rd strike…

75% chance this thread will be closed…

Attach another 25% to that and you’ll be right.

75% chance his parents are cousins

100% sure this guy is a troll.

uh oh
someone release their mod wrath on him

edit: i repped everyone in here, minus the first idiot

Terrible topic. 3rd Strike is SF4 they just can’t count to 4 that’s all.

This thread fails

SF4 trailer

Actually Capcom VS Snk 1 is Street Fighter 4, Capcom VS Snk 2 is Street Fighter 4 Millenuim Edition, and Capcom Fighting Jam is Street Fighter 4 Battle Royal

LOL funnie vid thanks man 75% of all of you people are assholes & the other 25% of you have terrible jokes if you dont want to discuss then get out you retards dont post… if this thread has already been made all you had to do was redirect me to it and close this thread whats the point of posting ur all fools.

Damnit you got me…


Did all those red bars happen just after this thread?

How about you redirect yourself? This thread comes up every fucking week. Hell, there’s probably one on page 2. OR, you can read the rules. That usually helps.

there must be a script that deny ppl posting the words street, fighter and 4

a w e s o m e !

y do all u fags talk shit com say that 2 r faces u lil pussys

New character Rick with his mad setups.

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