Streetfighter/Capcom Artbooks


Anyone know anysites where they have previews/pages from the art books? such as the sfchina gallery one for capcom design works? I ask this because No, I am trying to be a cheap ass and steal scans of the book but I want to see which one has the most/best quality art. Seeing as I am low on cash and trying to get one of the books for references…yea…

Also, do u any of u own these book? I want to get the SF Eternal one on ebay -> $50 US about…i think, too bad its not in english…heh Maybe UDON can translate it or something :cool: :smiley:


I own the SF Eternal Challange book, and it’s very much fun to look through…even though it’d be nice if you could read it.


i also have the eternal one. cost me 70 bucks. i could have gotten it cheaper on-line, but i wanted to support the only import shop within 50 miles from the house.