Streetfighter issue #14 discussion and spoiler thread (Round 2 Season Finale)

Well its been 14 issues since i’ve read Sf and its taking a break for 2-4 months.
I can’t wait on what they’ll show in Round 3, but let take a look at wha t happen in 14.

Sakura: After making a hadouken she feels confident as a fighter,and since the since the summer is almost over she must return to Japan.
I wonder with excitment on what she will do in Rival Schools.

Ryu: After a difficult match against balrog he feels he must go must go beyond his limits and went back on the road to india. This was my favorite match, because it showed Balrog weakness Ryu capitalize witn a SHORYUKEN!! :karate:

Guile: (u guys guest it) After The fight with Vega, Julia realizes what risks a fighter might take and (sorta) Takes Guile back.

Cammy, Chunli & Rose: (Cammyfan must be having a field day with this arc) There was closure for both but had long way to go. Rose is ending the arc again like she did last time. I guess she was watching cammy from the beginning :lame: . However this end arc in a DBZ cartoon(crystal Ball breaks)

Back-up: It was great, kinda funny, and a litte gay :rolleyes: . Barderi was great and nice to see charlie again

Cheepshots : Funny as usual

Thats it .Keep up good work and I can’t wait for Round 3 & Rival Schools

Haha cr. forwardxxshoryuken owns you.

Good issue overall, although 2-4 months break will be tough to deal with. I’m going to pick up the Darkstalkers comic too now I guess.

I loved the backstory, I thought it was solid. The Balrog-Ryu fight was okay, kind of short though.

Glad you guys like issue 14 so far. If you actually do a panel count on the pages, you will find there’s a few pages that has 10 to 11 panels per page. Given most american comics has no more than 5 panels average, we are doing double to try to give you more details in the fights. In fact, our average panel count through out the series is much higher than any american comics! LOL!

Well, we have a couple of things cooking, and will give you updates on Round 3 soon!

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In a nutshell, on the other thread I deleted I said I liked the art, laughed out loud when Ryu was called a bitch and Guile’s hair was made fun of, am glad that Sakura stopped following Ryu around for he must walk alone, and this was Rey’s funniest mini, it can fit in the Pocket Fighter world! While I liked the art in the back up story did we really need another Guile and Nash tale? There’s lots of other characters we are still waiting on, oh well. I guess patience pays off. Anyway, a stong finish to the second arc. :slight_smile:

Udoneko can u tell me why did Rose had some kind of green thunderbolt mark on her forehead?

INCREDIBLE ISSUE! Can not wait for arc eerrrr… round 3!LOL
Anyways,glad to see we are not going straight into street fighter 2 as there are many unresolved things to finish on.
Sakura will go to rival schools BUT by her conversation with Ryu she is not done by a long shot with street fighter(her main game series anyways),my guess is when ryu returns from his journeys is when Sakura is ALOT stronger and they go after Bison.

The fight with Ryu and balrog was great! Ryu taking down his bottom half and finishing him with a shoryuken,then as the cops have ryu and Balrog,Balrog makes his smartass comment and Ryu kicks him right in the face! Classic!
The whole Julia,guile and Eliza thing was touching and it is good to finally see bison back! I loved the backup so we can see charlie for one last(?) time. nice fight,as it lasted over a day!
cheap shots was great and can’t wait to see Dan back in the main comic. I wonder if he and Sagat will have their rematch where sagat realizes how foolish it to obsess over getting revenge and lets dan win.although,if this is canon,when does it take place? It would only make sense AFTER the street fighter 2 storyline,since in that,he is still obsessed with beating Ryu.

anyways,great issue and can’t wait for the next round!It was really reassuring to read on what you guys have planned for the next round and so on.

Also,all the powerfoils are out,Demitri,Dhalsim,and Sagat,and they are really nice,picked them all up.

Now that the entire storyarc is finished, I can give a personal opinion on the whole thing. Even with the lateness and the blindingly fast pacing, I think on the whole the series is doing a good job of telling a cohesive SF story. Althought the characterizatons were on target(even if a little flat and cliche’), the fact that you guys crammed so much story into the last arc was the most impressive part.

My biggest beef is still the covers, which aren’t going to change so I can stop complaining about that.

Some comments…

  1. From every comic shop I’ve been to in my area that carries SF, none of them know the exact release date of the Volume 2 collection. Any solid idea when it’ll arrive?

  2. The freakish publishing inconsistencey is really annoying. I’m glad you guys have decided to take a break to charge your batteries. I still think it was the smartest thing. That way you can come back and stay on a more regular schedule.

  3. You really should consider making Rey an artist for a back-up story. His stuff kicks ass! His style is so original and wild. Give him a good Dan story. He’ll tear it up!

4.The fan section should be in EVERY issue, and should talk about other things going on, like the RPG game, the action figures, or the controllers.At least an interview or feature with the people in charge of those products.

That’s all. Thanks for the ride, UDON!
:clap: :encore: :tup:


As cool as I (and some others) would think that be Rey had this to say about that…

Well actually Rey said that about doing the main art for the comic. I dont know how he feels about a back up.

Although Rey said he’d be doing something for the UDON/Capcom comics that wasnt just Cheap Shots type stuff.

Questions and Comments


Man … i was worried that this issue would be lacking but the only words i spoke after having read the comic was …“THAT’s entertainment!” Nothing but those words could accurately portray my feeling for the issue. It was just pure pleasure.
Nice work guys! :tup:

I like how Balrog is now believable as a Shadowlaw boss. And i like how Ryu exploited his weakness. Sakura’s good bye was sweet and open ended … which is great. I loved Eliza and her sister’s exchange … just made me say “You GO E!” I liked the way you guys sorta showed off Guiles flag in the first volley of combat. Nice angle.

But i do have to say i’m going to have nightmares about seeing Bison without apparel. :xeye:

As for the back up story … it was a great story however i think i’m just cranky waiting for Sagat’s or Cammy V DeeJay to show up. But this had lots more relavence to the story. It explained alot more why Julia is so frustrated with him.

As for the CHeap shot. I like Reyy as the cheap shots guy … the art alone tells me this is comic releif and not part of the story. It’s a nice tid bit after the show … although … I’m not sure i liked this one so much. Story wise … not art. I’m a huge AKuma fan so i might be bias. But Dan couldn’t beat Akuma … (well he could it all depends on who is controlling him) … but i’m sorry … i still don’t think men should wear pink. I just think that it’s totally wrong… unless your trying to get beat up.


UdonEKo … are you still considering putting the Cammy Vs. DeeJay and Sagat back stories in the comics/books at all … i don’t care when just so long as they come out.

When might we be expecting rival schools? not exact dates … but this summer?!? I need something to fill the void of SF while it’s gone.

The Cammy vs. Dee jay will be in the next tradeback volume 2 of the second arc coming out hopefully in the next few months.which sagat backup are you talking about?

As far as filling the void,rival schools is still iffy for me,I will look for DARKSTALKERS to do this.I never really played rival schools so I don’t know much about it.HOWEVER,with UDON writing the story and doing the art,and with SAKURA and HELL YES-KARIN being in the comic,I will defientately be picking them up.

I think he’s refering to the Sagat story that was in Gamepro, done by Long Vo.

I don’t recall that one.what happened in it?

Overall I liked it.

There were a couple unclear moments in the art where Guile was throwing his sonic boom which, I guess, connected at the same time as Vega’s move?
The art looked like Guile missed, but the word balloon makes me think he winged him.

Also, Vega using the panel boarder to perform his wall bounce is a big “artistic nono” where I come from. (the background doesn’t match up properly)

I thought it was great seeing Guile in his Champion Edition wife beater too. Nice touch.

Julia finally came to her senses, as I thought she would. Just not in the way I thought she would. (I predicted she would double back and see Guile fighting to save her sister and Ken…oh well)

Ryu sucker punching Balrog was good too. (hey look, human emotion)

I saw in the credits it said Alvin did some art too.
Which pages, exactly?

It takes place very shortly after the #1 (Joe Mad) backstory, and is Sagat reflecting on the battle, and training so that he can beat Ryu. The last shot of it is Sagat ripping off a bunch of bandages to reveal his scar.

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I counted 166 panels for SF issue 14. If you include the back up and the mini.

Gamepro issue 181

You can get it from

It’s inside issue 181

I got mine by clicking on the customer service link on the bottom of the page. After filling out the info they emailed me back and told me how to get it! :karate:

all the Sf panel counts include the main story and the Back up story.

this is the SF Panel count with Rey’s Cheap Shots add.

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