Streetfighter on ESPN

just an advertisement, but it’s on espn, can this be turning into something big?

It would be awesome, but I doubt it.

hey. any mainstream exposure, albeit obscure, is a good thing. and it’s hard to get more mainstream, especially for the 18-34 male demographic, than ESPN.

no street fighter 3 coverage???

the hell?

Probably has something to do with the fact that Street Fighter Alpha 3 is available on Gametap, and 3S is not. Why would they hype up a game they can’t offer on their service?

Nice find. Interesting video although 3S should’ve been mentioned in it.

isn’t the video footage from the show game makers?

if it is, anyone have the full episode, i believe they did 1 on Street Fighter and another one in fighting games.

Formerly Icons, they did an awesome episode on SNK and also on the Dreamcast and PS2.

I’m surprise this thread hasn’t gotten more replies. I know it’s farfetch to possibly think that fighting games can make a come back to gaming scene, but any advertisement by a mainstream company like ESPN is huge. Perhaps if we gave this more attention, people might just look into this.

If you can watch poker on espn you can fasho watch street fighter/gaming events… Altho i’d think it’d be much better to start off with something like madden/nba live, but eh whatever. man i’d love to be able to tune in and watch evo or the random tourneys on espn. That’d be so pimp, not only that my women friend wouldn’t be like wtf are you talking about when i tell them im going to a tournament 5 states away… I could be like tune in to ESPN chick!

This needs to happen!:annoy:

I double-taked at this thread.

SF does not belong on a sports network.

gayest video/commentator i have ever seen.

Shotokan Symphony: I disagree…If a Spelling Bee contest can be on ESPN, why not a fighting game competition?

A spelling bee can put you through college, and it’s knowledge you can take with you for the rest of your life. They don’t air it on the main channel, either, but you still get the idea.
SF will get you airfare back to your homestate.

I kinda understand where you’re coming from, BUT the SF scene can really use something like this. Competitive play for fighting games has always been looked down upon. Halo is the standard for competitive play in America and that just ain’t true. That’s how any stranger to high level play would view it as.

People often tell me, “Why do you take a game like this seriously? What IS there to analyze about six buttons and a joystick?” People don’t see it the way we do. They see 2D graphics and some punches and kicks. We, the players, see hitboxes, frame-by-frame movement, and moves that outprioritize others in certain situations.

And with something like this, we can get a lot going for us. Just imagine ESPN sponsoring tournaments for us and shit. The money will no longer just cover our airfare, it’ll cover a lot more. Hell, a T.V. spot wouldn’t be too bad. Gives us more recognition and let’s people know that Halo isn’t the only thing that get’s played at video game tournaments.

It’s a step in the right direction and it’s the shot in the arm that we need to get the scene back to what it once was.

Looked more like a Gametap add to me, but any press is good press right?

If so though, Gametap should spend more money on netcode optimization than ESPN ads. Being they have most of the CPS2 games and a good few SNK fighters, it would be a playground with good code.

Any exposure for big tourneys beyond FPS’s is a move forward. Fatal1ty or however it’s spelled in all the mags etc… Why not Daigo, or someone similar in talent at fighters get a little hype for once.

if you can watch poker course street fighter is watchable

i dont get how you can be against it, why? why play fighting games, log onto a fighting game forum, read up in the fighting game discussion section and be against fighting games having a stronger sense in the world

people are too fucking random

I don’t understand people like yourself, Its sports?!?..A spelling be means you put your time and effeort into remembering words… If gaming got the type of spotlight that those that on espn or there sub networks got im sure you could put yourself threw collage with it as well. Infact isn’t Jwong doing or was doing something along those lines?

Anyway I don’t know if your hinting that gaming shouldn’t be taken seriously or that if it was put on espn at its current state it wouldn’t be worth the time or effort for either the sponser or player? I disagree with both…

True but I’m kinda thinkin’ poker can’t put you through college, sooooo…Why not sf!? :lovin:

If you’re good enough to pay your college by playing SF, chances are you ditched so much school you’re not in college yet:rofl:

street fighter 4 coming out for sure