StreetFighter Online


Hello gaming community, I’d like to take some time out and introduce you to a game that I have played for over 10 years now…In hoping to bring some members along to play it.

Game- Street Fighter Online
Description- Basically X-men vs SF crossover game online multiplayer.
High speed fighting, cool specials and lots of fun to play, an yes its free the only thing you can pay for is to be a VIP, by making a donation.

VIP- Gives you access to the characters darker versions, I.E EvilRyu.

But you can get rage points by beating a VIP member and thus use them to transform into the evil character OR have a VIP give you a custom color for a character and same thing…

There are tourneys, clans, and more…

The game lacked an update for 2 years no new chars…So we lost some members BUT Gambit will be ariving within this year the creater TmyApp spoke about also a VIP only character not yet announced will be arviving too…

Anyhow I hope to see some members at least try the game out, would love to see more members and if you need ANY help just message me here or on the forum for that game. Ill provide all the links… [To play game in browser, or download it] the offical forum of the game [Stands for sfo underground] This is where clans are and rankings for them as well.

My In game name is -AlphaRiku- im a multiple tourney winner on the game and I just hope this game can get active again like it was once before with 1000/s of members…

Enjoy people dont be shy!


Played this a lot before I really got into fighting games. Problem being that now that I know more about fighters this game is bullshit. The net code is literally unplayable, locking moves behind donations is garbage, might as well just play an actual fighter on GGPO.


Yeah I hear ya, but if youre worried about the VIP thing Id donate for you no problem.

Also the creater TmyApp is recoding the game in a different engine to remove the lag he posted a thread stating all the updates the game will be recieving…


Unless he rebuilds it with GGPO netcode, it won’t be worth playing.


I remember this shit. Didn’t realize it was still around. I’m getting malware warnings from the main site, so yeah, no thanks.

Then there’s the actual gameplay…

It’s basically online Mugen… alot of shit used in this game came straight from Mugen.

It’ll never be worth playing because the game is broken garbage, on top of being pay 2 win.


What the hell did I just watch?


What I want to know is, how the hell have these guys not gotten C&D by Capcom or Marvel yet?


I’d be interested in knowing that as well.

I was browsing their forums a bit, and apparently any discussion about GGPO is banned.


Wait… you actually have to “donate” to do stuff in that “game?”

Holy crap, and I thought this thing died cause of how nasty it looked!

Either only a matter of time or it’s too low on the totem poll to be bothered with.
But then again, with Disney behind Marvel now…


LOL a thread about this game used to pop up every so often around here. It’s actually been a couple of years I guess since the last time one came along.


That’s some high level play right there


Is this what being poor is like?


You’re giving the game too much credit for stating it’s mugen. Mugen could have proper hitstun on it’s collision.


I rather go back to kailera than play this garbage


Wow, that game is a hot mess.


This game is ancient and still has the same problems. I remember talking about the lag issues on their forum. Their response? “EVERY GAME LAGS”

This was before the days I knew arcade emulation existed with online play. Good times.


Yeah. It’d be a shame if they were to find out somehow…

Seriously though, taking two very well known and protected IP’s from two fairly large companies, and then attaching mad microtransactions without their permission? I’d have as much fun watching that shit storm happen as I did watching the whole MLP game fall apart.


If all you want to do is move really fast and spam boatloads of p2w supers, just go play Grand Chase.


Fun game


lolz looks to be almost as run as SF: rainbow edition