Streetfighter playing cards by Udon

Is anyone going to get the playing cards by Udon? It was supposed to come out the 20th. I haven’t gone to blockbuster yet, but I will check out bb tomorrow.

Not trying to show off or anything, but I am curious to see if they used any of my cards I illustrated in there. I did 4 cards for them and got payed so they must have used something. There is 61cards total by various artist.

Chunli vs Ryu- Chun is performing kikosho on Ryu.

Hugo vs Akuma-Akuma is performing demon rage on hugo.

chun li vs twelve-twelve mimics chuni li so there is a mirror match of 2 chuns.

Ibuki vs Dudley-Ibuki performing dagger super on Dudley.

If anyone runs across any of the 4 cards, let me know. Thanks alot!

schweeeet. good for you man :slight_smile:

just wondering, how much did they paid you for drawing 3 cards?

Congrats man. I wasn’t planning on buying the cards, but I would love ta see the art. PSHHH, not trying to show off. All of us here would be excited to see and hear about what you are doing professionally.

Hey thx guys. i don’t know if it’s cool with udon if i posted the pics or told how much I got so i would rather be safe than sorry. But yeah thx for the heads up.

^^^ These cards are sold at blockbuster, right?

blockbuster? y dont they sell them at a comic shop >=/ man i would love to pickup these cards. sfmc, i brag to all my friends when i c ur winning entries in the SF comic, that u r my friend online =D

found a couple of pics of what should be your art, according to the descriptions given :slight_smile:

Twelve X.C.O.P.Y.'s+X.C.O.P.Y..html?SCUT=ef3102d18b9635c86d6ed0ae67f286bb

Ibuki’s Kasumi Suzaku’s+Kasumi+Suzaku.html?SCUT=ef3102d18b9635c86d6ed0ae67f286bb

taken from

Damn Awesome Rook thx! Hmm I wonder what happened to the other 2. If anyone actually has the cards I’ll buy them off you. They should haven given me a free copy or something.

Haha Klak. I’m just a normal guy.

Oh and I did 3 mortal kombat cards too. Not proud of them due to limited time. Ack!

^ these are just series 1 of the cards, maybe the cards the artwork is on will only be in a later release?

Those are so sweet dude! You are so the man.

Those pics you did are amazing man, keep it up!

another link. nothing new, but it sure loads a lot faster.

btw SFMC ppl a are wondering what happened to Saigonradio.
drop by sometime, man :slight_smile:

hot man! I’ll check out blockbuster tomorrow for you.

Swweeeeet. That’s really awesome.

Nice, nice, nice!.. Too bad they’re so small, it’s really hard to see!.. When you said playing cards, I thought those 52-set deck ones with the spades, kings, and aces…