StreetFighter special move execution differences over time

When I was playing Street Fighter 2 New Challengers on Sega Genesis, on a pad I have real trouble getting a dragon punch off a dry you and Ken. With a friend’s left-stick stick, I can pull it off occasionally. with my custom right-handed fightstick I can pull them off a hundred percent of the time at will.

A decade-and-a-half later at a friend’s street Fighter 4 party, my joystick that I tried broke,. Mainly because of my choice of internal quick connects

Advice about quick connects

(and the reason why they’re called quick connects it’s because they’re not "frequent connects. No fault of Stan I just misunderstood frequent connects).

So I played with a loner and I was able to do rose Soul Throws, the move is the same joystick maneuver as the dragon punch, and I’m using an off-the-shelf joystick which is never right stick, and I’m pulling Dragon punches disguised assoul throws fairly easily.

Based on those observations, it seems that joystick special maneuver actuation has gotten more forgiving over the years.

Both looking forward and backward

I believe it was confirmed when playing Street Fighter 1 on Street Fighter 30th, that the arcade version was very hard to actuate any special move except by massive repetition. The TurboGrsfx CD version was even harder because the weird timing of the button system button system is like squaring the already tough chances of success, because the odds are both having a successful joystick maneuver and a successful button timing is astronomical. I literally did it only once, and I wasn’t trying.)

Has joystick actuation forgiveness gone up as the numbers went up in the street fighter series?

The Hadouken in SF1 is the same as the Kaiser Wave in CVS2.

In SF2 and beyond, fireball is D, DT, T, P.

According to The TG16CD instruction book, it describes the 3 specials exactly as they do in SF2 and beyond.

What is the joystick motion used for the Kaiser Wave? Is that a double fireball?

I notice in SF1 on SF30th, doing multiple fireball motions give you fireballs and dragon punches randomly.

T, B,DB,D,DT,T,P I Kaiser Wave

HALF CIRCLE back to forward via down.
Plus a a forward in front of it.

By the way, back to the original subject, are there more joystick misfires in the older games? I notice newer games with my left stick are more lenient.

No, it’s:

forward, back, down-back, down, down-forward, forward, then any punch button

in other words:

forward, half-circle forward then any punch button

I may have said it poorly, but it’s forward then half circle from back to forward via down (as opposed to going through jump)