Streetfighter to MVC2 aka the 'What the hell is going on' thread

I’m hoping I’m not alone as a player with some SF knowledge trying his hand for the first time at Marvel and spending the majority of my game time staring at the screen in utter bemusement. Surely the recent XBLA release has bought a metric fcukload of equally baffled SF players to Marvel.

There is obviosly some reading material around here/the rest of the internet but it’s all about unflying my infinite DHC curly mustache and I just don’t know what that is.

Ok, so my plan is to try and highlight the key differences between your average SF engine and Marvel so I can atleast try and port some of my SF knowledge across. Granted I can’t play Maaaahrvel like I play SF but it’s a start.

My thoughts so far;

Obviously the combo system is completely different, combos are created from cancelling normals in accordance with the ‘magic series’ (which I understand) I’m guessing my aim is to look for combos which start low and hit confirm into a either a launcher or a super and on block something safe/tick throw? Most launchers aren’t safe so I can’t just throw them out right? Some characters don’t give you enough hits prior to the launcher to hit-confirm though.

Now I can bash out a 3 hit into launcher and then follow with 5 hits in the air fine in training mode but landing them in a proper match is a different story, any tips? When do tight links come into play in Marvel as they’re pretty key to SF’s combo system?

Overheads confuse me, regular jump attacks seem to not hit overhead??

Assists I’ve kinda got a basic grasp on, it seems a lot of characters are weak in certain areas (AAs for example) so the assist has to complement this. As an example Ironman’s Repulsor Blast seems really slow as an AA so Psylockes AA assist comes in useful here (but quite slow to come out) What are the main uses for assists, extend combos, AA…?

The only success I’ve had is playing a Ryu-esque zoning game with Psylocke’s fireballs and DP like move. I’m guessing better player will just super straight through my fireballs.

Ironman I try to play keep away but I really crave a quick AA as I get jumped in on alot and can’t get them off without mashing on c.LK,MK.

Any tips would be welcome and I’d be interested to here how other SF players are finding the switch up to Marvel.

I’m with you. I’m getting my ass kicked on ranked, I’m 5-9. :frowning:

To understand terms… check out the mvc2 wiki here at SRK…

Best thing I can tell you to learn… is watch videos and read these forums like a mofo…

Either that… or trying the shiz out manually with each char… is basically the way the rest of us learned these toons…

All combos in this game are basicly tight links… except in the case of a few picky moves… most stuff you can prebuffer a lot of the commands… as you just keep on canceling… therefore… don’t try to hit confirm everything in this game like sf… just roll the combos in at a high speed… and you got 90% of em covered…

If terms are really confusing you that much… you could alway strart a thread in general mvc2 forum… and just put down each acronym you aren’t sure bout… someone will answer.

EDIT: ^^^ I wouldn’t say that most combos in Marvel are tight links, most combos are actually pretty easy. Really, the combo system has been dumbed down incredibly to allow for more extravagant combos. The closest thing to some of the small window link combos would probably be Sentinel Reflies or some of the tough Super Jump Cancels, or funny things like tight DHCs such as Sent Plasma Storm, super ends, imm. Plasma DHC Captain Sword. There are tight links I suppose, like linking Morrigans standing LP, or linking some of Storms normals, but in general most are reserved for show combos and not practical play-- although the older the game gets, the more technical combos people integrate into tournament play.

IMO, the biggest difference is found in what makes for a great character in Marvel in comparison to other Street Fighters. It’s pretty much split into two categories: Space Control, which ought to be familiar, and Rushdown, which ought to sound familiar, but you need to get a handle on Rushdown as it applies to Marvel, because the art of RTSD is a whole other animal in Marvel.

As a sort of primer, its important to understand that almost no character in the game can be judged without factoring in which assists you pair them up with. Many characters don’t have a reliable Anti-air for instance, and many others need something to buff up their ability to control horizontal or vertical angles. So when someone says that they’ve been playing a zoning game with Psylocke, I’m already wondering which assists you’ve selected to set that up as a viable option.

In terms of Space Control, a good starter team might be Spiral/Cable/Sentinel. It requires minimal execution, but is a good way to survive long enough to see enough matches through to the end. I know I played this team for a few months just to be able to last long enough to learn anything about the game.

You can also learn Storm/Sent/Commando. This will teach you how to punish assists, chop up the screen vertically with Commando AA assist, and get you used to the notion that when you get a hit, you should be able to kill a character (Storm launch into air combo xx Lightning Storm, DHC Hyper Sentinel Force loop).

As for Rushdown, what makes a character shine in Marvel is the ability to not just hit high or low in a hurry, but hit with those options from the backside as well. The key to being a great rushdown character is an instant air dash. Of the characters with instant AD’s, Magneto and Storm are the most used and probably the best. Coupled with assists, their fast overheads can be linked into hi-lo and cross-up block-strings that give them several chances to get a hit. From the other side, the defending player is forced to block several high-speed mixups in rapid succession. In the end, the defensive player is going to fold in the face of good rush, simply because the odds are stacked against them.

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By tight links I mostly meant that you can almost always buffer one command into the next as long as you don’t get to far ahead timing isn’t always critical… or a long combo where you mash through most of it… then hit 1 tricky timing part… then mash the the rest… pretty easy compared to some of the SF4 combos they show you in trail mode… that must be landed so deep it will never even happen… and even if you get started… off timing between nearly any two moves and the combo is blown…

mvc is a little more forgiving through 90% of combos… (mostly because of the speed factor allowing you to catch up with youself midcombo…)

Your definition of ‘link’ is incorrect then. I thought you were talking about linking normals outside of magic series-- where its not a regular chain, but a link. So you do LP, LK, MP link LP etc.

Timing is critical when you get into height-specific combos as well, but I see what you mean-- for an entry level player, you have all kinds of leeway with basic air combos.

These might help

Thanks chaps,

I guess quickest way into Marvel from SF (and the main difference between the 2 games) is to focus on how team building/assists work. I think it’ll be helpful to have a separate thread with example assist usage.

I’d like to build a team with Psylocke/Doom as I can see how they can compliment each other, Doom with a strong projectile that covers lots of horizontal space and Psy with a good AA. IronMan doesn’t seem to add much to these two really so who could I swap him out for?

Regular jump attacks do hit overhead.

The big difference is speed - marvel is fast and furious. Get your reaction time up and keep your brain on. Then when you go back to SFIV you’ll see how slow it is and you can punish things better on reaction and hit confirms.

Swap Iron Man out for Cable.

This is pretty much the biggest advantage to my SF play, MvC ups my execution massively, always play it before I put SFIV on :razzy:

Re. the overheads, I was doing regular jump attacks against the cpu with ‘block all’ and he wasn’t crouching!?

Didn’t play MvC2 that much in the arcades. It didn’t really do anything for me. When it dropped on XBL I decided to give it another chance.

I main Gief in SF but it did not take me long to realize that outside of some decent assist (other characters still have better ones and are viable characters) he’s severely gimped in this game. I thought his super (which is difficult to land on a semi decent player) would be one of the most damaging moves in the game, yet it does about the same or less vs. other much easier to use supers (i.e. super beams, BB Hood’s super).

I’ve been lucky over my first 5 matches (5-0) w/ Hood-A, Jugg-B, and CapCom-B. The One Hit Kill THC threat helps make up for the fact that my dexterity sucks when it comes to combing in general.

That’s actually a decent team. Psylocke sets up for IMs infinite (which isnt that hard to at least get two reps on). Also, you should use Dooms anti-air assist (the rocks). It is one of the best assists in the game. With Iron Man you can just do assist right into iron mans super.

Pick team scrub, Cable/sent/capcom and learn the fundamentals. Assists are super important, why not start with the easiest to use one? When I was learnined I was told when you’re playing sentinal with capcom assist, you’ve got your fireball button (HP) and your dragon punch button (assist), it’s easy as that. Cable gets you used to being heartless and playing dirty to win matches, a must to be successful in the marvel community, and has the easiest learning curve out of the top 4. Whenever you’re ready Storm is a must to learn as she adds to almost any team but she will be tougher to get the feel for than Cable. Sentinal is easy to learn with simple but effective tactics (esspecially with capcom assist), but he can also offer nearly limitless growth in high level play.

Just dont waste your time playing team Spiderman/ryu/captain america or something like that to learn the game. The fastest way to learn the game is to learn the top 4, so that your mind understands how they work and you can then go back to your favorite characters and know how to properly fight against AHVBs and hail storms

You can also go into IM’s infinite from doom rocks using the same setup (,, -> infinite).

I kinda agree (but also disagree) with not playing low-tier teams to learn the game. Yeah learn the basics with the top 4 and what they can do, but learning low tier teaches you how to BLOCK which is just super important in mvc2. You learn to look for openings and learn to become creative with attacks; so I wouldn’t say it’s a “waste of time” IMO. Then when you want to go “pro” all the knowledge you learned playing low-tier will help you out immensely when you start being serious with mags/sent.