StreetFighter tourney April 19th


April 19th starting at 12pm @ Rush creek

Rock Band 2 tourney(PS3)

NBA2K9 tourney (360)

STREET FIGHTER 4 tourney (360)


Rock band will be played on the PS3 with normal Rock band 1,2 songs and the track AC/DC album an the track pack album.
Located @ Rush creek
6136 Busch Blvd
Columbus, Ohio 43229

Checkout Big City Tourneys | Xbox Tournaments for more info or call 614 893 8976

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this isnt any better than the last one…actually it be worse now


heyyy its Noen My buddy again sup dude :slight_smile: Hey its simple this is a add all anyone has to do is click on our click above or even right here >>>

And all the info is right there bro :slight_smile: check it out bro :slight_smile:

have a greattt night and oh i’m coming to the Cinny tournament no worries if u need to talk to me then look me up i’ll be the one with the bigcitytourney shirt…oh wait you can even call me at 614 893 8976 if you have anymore questions.

Thanks Big City :slight_smile:


WEBSITE RULES HAVE BEEN UPDATED check it out here guys :)>>>>


I dunno what happen to our other post so I thought I’d make sure everyone knows that BIG CITY has dropped thier price for the StreetFighter 4 on April 19th

Its now 10$ for a entry fee and is giving you more rounds to Battle !!! Hope to see you all on the 19TH come meet the Big City Crew , because they will be doing a tourney every month!!!


Ok guys the days are counting down to the “THEM vs. US: BETA” tourney , so why not get your practice on this Sunday at Big City tourney SF4 tourney, for those that haven’t notice we have dropped our price to 10$ entry fee and have added 4/5 rounds each round instead of 2/3 every round so it doubles your chances.

I know Big City is new to the SF scene and we cant wait to meet everyone,and we WILL be doing a tourney EVERY month so don’t be shy or question your skillz.Come play on our 90IN screens and get exposer to the BIG CITY world .

We are 3 in the nation for running Madden tournaments , b/c we are about the players! so come support us and make us one of your top picks for SF tourney’s!B/c we ain’t going anywhere weather some guys want to hate on us b/c we trying to start something good for the community.

I am Paul and I hope to meet everyone this Sunday starting at 12:30

cya boys!