Streetfighter tourney in ohio 500$$

Yo We to this site I know , but we’ve just heard this was the best site for you STREET FIGHTER FREAKS!!

We are holding a STREET FIGHTER tournament APRIL 19TH with a guaranteed 500$$$ if we hit 20 players.

25$ at the door

Everything is played on “90 INCH BIG SCREENS” and XBOX 360

Starting at 12:30pm

Double Elimination




WE ARE SPONSORED BY , BRING IT.COM were you can play for cash!!!



Anyone in ohio play street fighter ? Or u guys not that confident in ur fighting skillz??

im from ohio but dont know how far it is from cleveland to colombus.

2 HOURS BRO :slight_smile: been to Cleveland plenty of times :slight_smile:

25 dollars is kinda steep for just one game and this tourny is awfully close to this one in cincy . that tourny is already gettin to be pretty big and i doubt ppl will be able to travel 2 weekends in a row (especially considering your tourny is on a sunday). also its hard to make the ‘champ’ keep returning for monthly tournaments.

i cant speak for everyone from cincy but id imagine most of us if not all wont be making it, your only running one game, its a week before a bigger and better tournament in cincy, and its 25 dollars to play with payout only goin to winner who has to return monthly. try to spread the tournaments out a lil more and maybe organize them a lil more like ours and you could prob get more ppl to come out…o ya and months notice isnt that much time try for at least 2 or 3 months or more for bigger turn out.

and im assuming your talking about street fighter 4…you just keep saying street fighter and there are a lot of different street fighters so try to be a lil more specific too

well actually its a Multi Game tourney NOT just STREET FIGHTER bro … if you look at our website I’m running NBA2K9 , ROCKBAND2, STREET FIGHTER,FIFA09 , A month is plenty of time for people to plan bro.I’m not just starting this tourney scene I’ve been running tourney’s here for MADDEN09 for the last 8 months and I’ve had the news here and ALOT of Madden Nation icons here.

But due to Madden is fading I’m doing Multi Game tourney’s and STREET FIGHTER is one of them I understand urs is the next weekend and good luck to you , but no reason for you to down mine.TWO hours is not that far and if their truly a STREET FIGHTER FAN with some stick skillz and they like cashhh well then 2 hours aint nothing to most.

If the guys miss this one then cool , cuz I’ll be doing street fighter tourney’s MONTHLY so no biggy I’ve already had about 15 sign ups for it so should be a good one 5 more people and we will guarantee 500$$ to the Champ.

Your comment on the Champ returning well that on him if he wants to give up his title then and loose the cash.Now if ur some how threaten that i m running this tourney close to yours don’t be , I would totally support anything you guys do maybe come down an play myself. I only said STREET FIGHTER cuz everyone knows which one I’m talking about specially sense i said its on 360 bro i mean come on its the only street fighter i know for 360.

Hey thanks for your suggestions tho :slight_smile: but i think i got it handled :slight_smile:

On xbox 360:
Street Fighter 4
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix
Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (which includes Street Fighter 3 Third Strike)
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology (this is on xbox or 360 isn’t it?)
I’m probably missing something else…

By just one game, I’m pretty sure neon geon meant 1 fighting game. Most tournaments we go to have 5 or more fighting games in my (somewhat limited) experience. The only exception being free tournys.

Sorry to tell you, but fighting game players don’t travel at the drop of a hat. If you want to get a large crowd of the core people, 2 months or more is needed for planning.

I agree that $25 is pretty steep. $5 a piece, with a better profit to prize pool ratio, would strike me as the way to go. It would be much more profitable in the long run. Pick up Guilty Gear, Tekken, Third Strike, and Marvel Vs. Capcom 2* and you could establish yourself as the midwest monthly if you do everything right.

Please try not to make insulting remarks. I don’t think that the West Chester tourny would feel “threatened” by your tourny. Its more that we’re saying you’re going to have trouble getting us to go because we’ve been planning on going to West Chester for a while now.

All that being said, I live in Columbus. I might stop by to watch. Unfortunately I’ll have to order a water. This economy sucks man.

*(Please note that the list of suggested games is just an example. I’m sure he could see what brings in people and what doesn’t and work on it from there. I don’t even play all of those games.)

Edit: By a better ratio I mean a sliding scale. Some sort of percentage of the income would be nice rather than just a flat prize.