Streetfighter x Tekken MADCATZ ~ How to mod? (First timer)

This is my very first time modding, I have no idea what to do. I’ve searched up sfxt how to mod videos on youtube, and here but I guess the search function isn’t giving me any results that I’m looking for.

[]Where to buy Sanwa Parts?
]Is there a video tutorial out on how to mod this type of Stick?
[]Is it hard for a first-timer noob like me?
]Would you recommend it?

Much more important question:
What do you want different about the stick?

I agree with toodles. What is it that you want to do? What is it that you want to accomplish?

I want to replace my buttons, they are a bit unresponsive atm, thinking about changing my stick also.

also sorry for double posting, my stick is a bit squeaky is that normal?

Go and read the Info Thread before you start asking Mod Questions. Your answers are there…
A ton of bandwidth gets wasted by newbies because you don’t read the Info FAQ’s and guides for newbies at the top of the Tech Talk forum topics…

While I don’t agree with George’s tone, he does have a point. Everything you need to read is in the INFO THREAD.

Please go hang out here where you won’t stir people up. Also, your Bubble Bobble avatar is cute.

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