Streetfigter IV round 2 wireless fightstick tournament edition PS3 (Mad catz)


Is this old news?


I didn’t know it was wireless!


…not exactly tournament edition if it’s wireless


I highly doubt that this is wireless, though I thing it’s best to have MarkMan confirm/refute this.


It is not wireless.

lol internets.


It’s a dutch postorder service and they do get their product information from official sources.


FYI, MarkMan works at MadCatz my friend ^^" and also, there are pics of the actual sticks over at the MvC2 TE thread, lookie for it!

EDIT - Here’s a link to someone’s post in the thread, with pics!!

Also, there’s a wire on the stick. It just proves, it’s not wireless.


Markmans word = gospel on Madcatz sticks :slight_smile: