Streets of Fury EX available on Steam


I’m Jordi, developper of Streets of Fury EX, a multiplayer beat’em up available on Steam (
I post here because back in the days I was a tournament player of Third Strike and Virtua Fighter (played with Ryan Hart a lot) and I used to go here to discuss fighting games, so I know that here people know what they’re talking about.

With my friend we developped this game beacause we love classic beat’em up such as streets of rage and guardian heroes and we still wanted to play that kind of game but with a more deep fighting system. So we did Streets of Fury and I wanted to have your thoughts on the game.

The game could look silly but it’s full of 90’s nostalgia that I have and I think that it’s more than meets the eye, so I hope you’ll try it out.



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Yeah okay bud. By the way, this is fighting game general, not beat em up general.


I wasn’t expecting digitized graphics and real people, that’s pretty cool. Is there a demo I can try?


Well there’s a versus mode and it’s a game where you fight, so I guess this is a fighting game :slight_smile:

Demo will be out next week so you can try it out.

Thank you.


I reccomend you visit the beatem up section in the “General discussion”