Streets Of Rage Reboot That Was Canned?


WHAT THE FUCK??? How in the FUCK did this get canned??? This is EASYYYYY money right here.

Hey Wayforward pick this back up!!!


Grin studios…


Eh, It probably wouldn’t have lived up to the fan made remake released last year. I would be interested in Wayforward picking up any old forgotten 2D franchise though.


Looks like it might have been good. I hope they were going to do more for the game than just giving it a facelift. Why not just make a new reputable sequel that’s been long over due. The way I see it, if castle crashers and final fight hd can make huge bags of money then there is no reason a new SoR couldn’t. It just goes to show that people still like side scrolling beat um ups. Did I spell that right?


Just letting everyone know, sega released an SOR collection on XBL marketplace. The online play is better than the sor2 standalone that they released a few yrs ago.


Don’t know if you’re sarcastic or not but Grin made the fucking amazing Bionic Commando: Rearmed. They also made that other one but hey, I like to pretend an entirely different team worked on that.


How good was it? I never got to play it before it was removed from the internet.


This reboot looks like shit.

They’re missing the entire point of Streets of Rage with this. Part of what made it so great was the beautiful, rich artwork, 2D sprite graphics and colorful animations. It felt like a true “video game” in the classic sense of the term. The points, the pixels, the noise that’s made when you pick up a health or score item.The magic is completely lost by transitioning it to 3D. If they want to revive the game they need to do it with 2D animation, and pixel graphics. That’s SOR in a nutshell.


Shit got canned just like that River City Ransom 2 (summer 2011 release date, my ass).


Removed from the internet?

[details=Spoiler]Nothing is ever removed from the internet, good sir.

If I can’t link it though, I’ll edit this post.[/details]

It’s awesome though, and very replayable with all the content packed in.


They also made 3 back to back duds after Rearmed.


I would of been semi interested as well as the Road Rash remake video clip that never scratched the service.


Have you seen how shitty the Double Dragon: I Think the 80s Looked Like This Edition game looks? Yeah stay the fuck away from SoR Wayforward, signed a SoR fan.


What the FUCK. Please explain that. And there -is- that one that was released for 3DS in japan very late last year. Maybe that’s why it was canned.


Agreed. This has Wayforward’s name all over it.

Speaking of which, still eagerly awaiting the release of WayForward’s Double Dragon Neon.

hopes DD Neon does not somehow get canceled


Don’t remind me it’s like a month till it’s release. Assuming it doesn’t change.


Why does every modern urban beatemup have a gritty Fight Club vibe to it? It’s like game developers don’t know how to make a ghetto hood.


Tell them to come down to 106 where I grew up and I’ll show them Mission 1 for real. :lol:


Wayforward actually has talented people who can do the job right. Have you seen Shantae: Risky’s Revenge?


An SOR remake needs to be done like this. Beautiful 2D pixel graphics and animation. Not a half-hearted 3D crap em up. That’s what Ubisoft tried with the remake of TMNT 4 and we all know what a disaster that was.


Sure. The priorities for a mascot platformer are a little different than a beat-em-up though.

I actually hold Double Dragon in higher regard than Streets of Rage (except for the soundtrack). And that shit is offensive so far. Considering how okay-but-mediocre Contra 4 turned out, and that they loaned DD’s concept design to somebody from DeviantArt… I would have more worries than excitement if they handled SoR (even if it turned out good).