Streets of Rage Remake (Updates in First Post)

In 2003, a group of fans in Europe (Bombergames) decided to create their own Streets of Rage game using characters, enemies, and stages from the trilogy. They released a series of betas over the years. I’ll post some of the latest images and developments as I come across them.

Bombergames also put together a comprehensive blog dating all the way back to March 2003. Needless to say, they’ve been working on this for a number of years already.

For anyone that’s played the v4 beta recently, please note that it’s 3 years old and that a lot of the bugs, missing moves, etc. you encountered have been addressed and implemented.

There’s no official date on when this project will be finalized. SORR will be available for download at no cost.

**Links: **
[]SORR Project Blog
]Bombergames Forum
[]Bombergames’s Youtube Channel
]Groovemaster303X’s Youtube Channel

[]SORR Music Mega Sampler
]Police Car Special
]SOR3 Bulldozer
[/LIST]From the SORR Blog:

Thanks for the heads up. SoR2 is my favorite beat-em-up and one of my favorite games of all time. I’m unzipping it now, I’ll post up on how it is…


Here are some of the most recent additions they’ve made toward the final release:

Adam (evolved from SOR2 Axel)

Blood (optional)

Color Edit Mode

Police Attacks

Weapon Throwing System

Bonus Games

They even gave Max a run animation derived from CVS2 Zangief

To be honest, i think the blood is a little unnecessary.

A lot of people may feel that way. They’re even thinking of including guns a la Capcom’s Punisher, but players will have the option of turning those features on or off.

Wow. After playing the beta, all I have to say is… Wow. That blew my expectations out of the water. It just seems to have to total package: all characters selectable (including two hidden people), color select, a 1P & CPU mode (that I’m trying out right now actually. AI seems great)… The music is pretty good too, and I like how customizable the options are.

There’s always bad that comes with the good, however: Max got nerfed pretty bad (run is nice, but his backbreaker is less than half as strong as it was in SoR2), and crossing up/grabbing people from behind is a lot more difficult. I guess I’m just nitpicking at this point; it’s a very solid effort to recapture the feel of the best beat-em-up serires of all time.

Overall, I am highly impressed.

EDIT: Fixed a grammatical error.

Yea, the AI has been improved so they’re not as stupid as in earlier games. Max did get toned down but that’s just his beta form. They plan on bringing back his damage and missing moves.

cool shit, but for some reason i cant get the sound to work. whats up with that? :S

that wasnt bad, I didnt have any trouble with sound.

Where can I find SOR sprite rips?

This is pretty nice. If it is even half as good as Beats of Rage then I’ll be happy.

I think one of the biggest crimes in video game history is Sega of America turning down an Ancient-produced (Team Ancient is Yuzo Koshiro’s private dev house fyi) Streets of Rage 4 on Dreamcast, because the bigwigs thought Sega fans didn’t remember that franchise. Seriously Sega, WHAT THE FUCK. Talk about being completely out of touch with your remaining fanbase.

As good as the SoR 1+2 soundtrack was, I really wanted to play at least one SoR game with CD-quality audio… I posted this before in the Video Thread, but in case anyone missed it… it’s Yuzo playing SoR (and some Actraiser) music in a nightclub… just imagine a proper SoR game sounding this good…


PS. For all you oldskool Genesis fans, I recently heard that Technosoft also had a Thunderforce VI in the works for DC/Naomi… but the company went under before production started… what could have been…

Guns and Motorcycles

It looks a little ridiculous, but they’re adding a gun feature to the game:

Personally, I think the gun feature’s a little ambitious but I can’t take away the fact that what they’re doing is incredible.

For those of you that played SOR3, you may have known about the missing motorcycle stages. Bombergames plans on implementing this feature in the final release. Here are the riding sprites:

Thats a terrible idea. :sad: I loved what i played so far, but if guns were brought in, ones that your character would use, i might skip the final version. It’s about close-quarters fighting, and adding guns is something that would go against what SOR is.

Honestly, they look ridiculous. Why exactly are they adding these features into the game? I thought the idea was to build upon the SOR games, not adding features that would compromise what it is.

There’s also fire

i like the guns.

Tried the beta. Pretty interesting.
Adam’s my fav character, but there wasn’t any way they could modify Adam’s sprite from SOR1? He seems a bit like Axel too much. Even his back attack was Axel’s backfist. Adam’s biggest advantages were that he had an amazing jump kick, and his range with melee weapons was the highest.

It also kinda disappointed me that you can’t turn around while jumping. That was fun.

So don’t use them

You can turn off the blood and guns feature.

How do you download the Beta?

Played the Beta.

Meh. As a SOR purist, they tweaked the gameplay too much. It doesn’t feel right.

They should have built on/hacked the original Genesis source rom, instead of built an entire new engine. Still playable, though.

Also I don’t like the added transparencies and effects, they don’t fit right.

Adam was made using parts of Alex, Alex’s Beta sprite (flipped upside down for his special). He looks ok but needs work.

Max’s running sprite animation fits perfect. They did a really nice job on it.

HOW did they make the cop car look so tight! The way your dude just “appears” on top of it though is stupid.

Otherwise really good work.

They should skip the guns and blood feature, though. Waste of time on their part.