StreetsOf Rage 2 Fan Art


For manny old school 16bit gaming is still alive and well. I still go back and pop in a Sega Genesis or Supe Nintendo game.

One of those is Streets Of Rage 2. Like Final Fight it’s by far one of my all time favorite brawlers. So I tought of reviving the game by creating a Fan Art as a tribute.


Luis aka GB!

Wow! Very impressive!

Very nice!!! have any more?

Axel and Max look AWESOME dude. Skate is a little suspect in all honesty, and I could’ve sworn Blaze didn’t have bangs like that. But I’m nitpicking, this is the new desktop background VERY nice.

SOR fanart, about time someone did some. Nice work!

Do some Rushing Beat fanart :smile:

Blaze also didn’t have booty shorts like that but do you see me complaining? :lol:

Nice shit. Love SOR. Listen to the soundtrack like erryday.

Go send that portfolio to Udon please!!!
ur too good

Thats is truly AWESOME


Good shi’ yo.

Yo, that is some good stuff. I have a thread here. Do you want to ever collab? Hit me up with a PM for detail if you’re interested. I hope you are.