Strenghts of N Groove?

I don’t exactly understand N Groove, how does the power up super work? Also what does it have that separates it from the other grooves?

The N groove stock system is kind of a cross between the A groove and K groove meters. Whenever you fill the N-groove meter, through attacking or taking damage, you get a stock (max of 3). Each stock can be used for a single level 1 super, or by pressing hp+hk you can enter Max mode. Max mode is similar to Rage, giving the character a damage bonus of 20% and the ability to do a single level 3 super by using another stock. So 1 stock to activate, 1 stock to do a super. So a Level 3 super = 2 stocks.

Because of this N-groove is one of only two grooves that can do a Level 3 followed by a level 1 (S-groove can too).

Main Strengths:
Run & Roll
Low Jump
Alpha Counter
Counter Roll

Ahh thanks alot now I under stand it more clearly.

One last thing:

"Pop Trick"
The recovery time on the Max mode activate can be cancelled into a super, so it is possible to “pop” a stock and then activate a super, giving more invincibility. Invincibility from the activation, then invincibility from the super.

probably most useful for fireball supers (Sagat, Ryu), or demon grab supers (Akuma, Morrigan).

I didn’t know you got invincibility from activating in N.

You dont get Invincibility pop stocking…in fact if i remember right theres actually start up frames(dont know about recovery) so its definetly not instant. The pop trick is just to be so fast and unpredictable that you catch the other guy off guard with a lvl 3 all of a sudden, no invincibility :x

Shock? Like “YOU HA SHOCK!!!” in HNK? :rofl:

Is it possible to input the “break stock (HP+HK)” during a super motion? The same way you would RC?

hmm, swear you got invincibility like A-groove, I’ll have to review

Breaking stock doesn’t have invincibility. If that was the case we would probably be seeing N-groove players doing the same random stuff we see in A (roll, activate; empty jump-in, land, activate; etc). I myself have been hit while breaking stock.
You’re right about canceling the recovery of breaking stock into super, though. However, that’s more of a psychological effect, it has nothing to do with invincibility.

No, it isn’t.

When you break you got to quick input the super move. Particularly good for N - Yamazaki against a jump in and absolutely king for N - Akuma’s raging demon setups.

You forgot to mention the best one:

Hibiki - Counter, break stock, run up a bit, Blackout Super. Timing is pretty strict, though.

Don’t use her though people have been telling me I should.

More on N-Groove:

The HP+HK activation animation is 20 frames long, with 4 frames of startup before the stock actually breaks. However, you can cancel the animation after 8 total frames (4 after the stock actually breaks) with a special or super move. A stock break is not invincible. (I think those are the frame numbers, I may be wrong.)

Breaking a stock and entering power-up mode not only gives you a 20% damage boost, it gives you a 20% guard crush boost. If the character you pick has a good guard crush string, performing it while powered-up will drain an opponent’s guard crush very quickly. N is the rush-down groove, and because people usually start to panic when their guard crush is almost gone, you can usually get in some big damage off the mistake or when you eventually crush their guard.

A big mistake I see N-Groove players do regularly is sitting on a full 3-stock meter. There are no attack bonuses for a full N-Groove meter. It only does you good if you activate and get the 20% power bonus. Once you hit three stocks, you should almost always break one. An exception is if you’re really close to killing off someone. You still might want to activate in this situation anyway, because the extra oomph in your attacks can finish off enemies more quickly if they are starting to get down to pixels of life. Basically, don’t lose to someone with a sliver of vital left if your meter is full.

Don’t wait for your meter to fill when you activate, either. A good time to powerup normally is when you have two stocks, plus 25%~75% of your meter built up. If your timer runs out, you’re not that far off from having two stocks again. You should activate two times per round, on the average.

Also, don’t be afraid to activate when you only have one stock! This is especially true toward the end of the last round. If you’re not going to have enough time to get a second stock, and a level 1 super would be over kill, break it. That 20% damage will go a long way.

I believe that counter roll is the most powerful ability in the game. It lets you do things you can’t do in other grooves, like:
-Escape (and punish!) round-ending block damage attacks
-Punish supers that are normally “safe”
-Turn the tables on an opponent’s corner trap and trap them instead
-Escape (and punish!) blocked A-Groove combos (Sakura especially)
-Level 3 super off an alpha counter attack (Raiden and M.Bison only)
Counter rolls in general give you free damage in a lot of situations, the most common being the hadouken or other projectile to end an attack string. Just wait for the second to last attack, counter roll through the fireball and cash in your free combo. If you break stock with 3 in the bank, this lets you do a counter roll into a level 3 super (or counter attack into Level 3 if you’re Raiden or M.Bison).

The counter movement back step is useful in few areas. You primarily will want to use it to make some space between you and an opponent if you find yourself in an uncomfortable attack string. You would probably lose the guard bar in the attack process, so you might as well gain position, and possibly and advantage, while you do it. Back stepping is also handy against characters with slow-moving projectiles, like Guile. If they hit you with a Sonic Boom and then jump or dash in for a follow-up attack, back stepping will make them whiff, and you may be able to get a free hit in. People will argue that this may not be worth burning a stock over, but if you’re always free to do what you want, and N-Groove lets you do that, getting the meter back shouldn’t be a problem.

Actually if Kyo’s alpha counter trades (which it often does) You can juggle a lvl3 off it, it’s really only applicable in the corner cause then the super will “pick them up” if you do the button hold, though it is possible midscreen, it just doesn’t happen often.

Really any super with juggle potential can juggle off an alpha counter.

I bet if akuma’s alpha counter traded with something you could prolly run foward and dp or lk hurricane if you were quick, though it might only be if you are near the corner cause his alpha counter if I remember right is that stupid punch.

The rest of what windy man said is good stuff for sure.

Yeah I have to admit I don’t fully use N-Groove to its full potential. That stuff it good WindyMan worth pasting into the Wiki. I didn’t know you cancel the stock break animation into a special.

Yeah thats old school, it’s what in the djb13 vids is known as a pop trick.

Seen, but I initially thought that was only the case for supers not specials. Usually I don’t pop a stock enough in match cos the animation leaves you a bit open. But with the knowledge that you can cancel the animation into a special at a certain point is reassuring.

Actually, I’m pretty sure this is impossible if you’re not in a corner. Popping into a regular Level 3 works anywhere, and popping into a blackout only works in the corners. I do it all the time.

You can use this to your advantage during an opponent wakeup. If your character has a really good forward-moving special attack, like the rekkas of Kyo or Iori, if you time the activation right you can dupe the opponent into thinking they’ve got an opportunity to punish your stock break. Just as they come out of block you can hit 'em with an attack. This works best if you wait toward the tail end of the activation to give them time to react. Also use point-blank activations to spook people and throw after.

Note that you can’t cancel an activation with normals or regular throws, only specials, supers or a roll.

I assume that this means that you can cancel an activation into a roll cancel.

Yes. If you can roll, you can roll cancel.

…with one exception. Counter rolls cannot be roll canceled. So don’t try it!