Strict Inputs

its crazy how strict the inputs are on this game… i mean in SF2 it was easy and easier on sf4 but damn its so strict in sf3…

whats yall take?

imo, execution isnt hard in this game aside from a few things (TKD for an example).

but I dont really play any other fighters to be honest…so I dont really have anything to compare to

It was the complete opposite for me. I could input stuff just fine when I started 3S, but SF4 felt weird.

This isn’t just 3S either; CvS2, Super Turbo, Marvel 2, I had no complaints regarding inputs for them. Only SF4 felt janky as hell.

P.S.- This isn’t just some typical hate post, I honestly think SF4 feels radically different in terms of inputs compared to the old games.

idk if it was the same for you, but the few times I have played AE it felt weird for me too, but in the sense like “wow, this feels like it shouldn’t have combo’d”

something like that…

…I’ll be honest, that’s how I felt when I played Cammy in CvS2. haha

I never thought the inputs were hard on 3rd strike at all.

like when i wake up i want to teleport but i have to wait a certain moment to do so unlike sf4 input

What game did you learn on?

Press shit faster and it becomes easy.

That’s because this game doesn’t have any shortcuts and easy reversal windows like in SF4. Even something simple like dash shoryu is sort of hard to do in 3s.

hahahahaah what? you crazy.

3s has shortcuts. stop saying that shit god damn.

hes referring to input window for reversals anyway which yes, is tighter.

SF4 and mvc3 should be treated as the exception not the rule when talking about inputs in my opinion. Most games that shit won’t fly.

You can’t mash Shoryuken like in Street Fighter IV :frowning:

WTF, doing moves in 3s is harder than in Super Turbo? What games are you playing duuuuudee…

You misunderstood, I said it doesn’t have shortcuts like SF4.