Strictly sakura combos



hello would anyone care to share their bnb combos for sakura and any other tips concerning plinking

New to Sakura, not to SF4

hitconfirms:, st.lp,, dp/fb, cr.lp, cr.hp, dp/ex tatsu

counter poke with buffered with fb/dp

in corner from a dp you can land ultra2 (you probably already know this)
ex tatsu dash ultra1/ultra2 (you probably already know this)

character specific tatsu loops:
i shortened the notations so cl.hp, cr.hp, cr.hp would look like this cl.hp, tatsu, cr.hp, tatsu, cr.hp into whatever.
cl.hp, cr.hp = dan, e.ryu, ken, oni, ryu
cl.hp, cr.hp, cr.hp = abel, balrog, dee jay, dhalsim, dudley, el fuerte, juri
cl.hp, cr.hp, = guile, sagat, t.hawk, vega, zangief, cl.hp, cr.hp = akuma, adon, cammy, chun, cody, c.viper, dee jay, fei long, gen, guy, gouken, hakan, m.bison, rose, rufus, yang, yun,, cr.hp, = ibuki, makoto, seth, cr.hp, cr.hp = blanka, cl.hp, = sakura

the way to plink is say you wanna plink hp so you would plink it with mp so u push both buttons with 2 fingers at same time but have the mp finger slightly higher than the hp finger if that makes sense.

if done right it will look like this on the input display in training mode:

Sakura Q&A: Ask simple questions here!
Sakura Q&A: Ask simple questions here!

Quick question: what strength tatsu are you using with this combo?


LK/Short version of tatsu.


you didn’t specify which combo


Okay I found out but thank you.

One more question: after an EX Tatsu your opponent is in the air, and in tournaments I always see people do the Z motion + Kick and hit them twice in the air. How do they pull this off midscreen? I can barely pull it off in the corner.


pulling it off in the corner should be the same as mid screen. I think you can shortcut input it too with :df: :d: :df: + kick

edit: after re-reading your post, it sounds like you’re getting it in the corner because you have a little more time to do it in the corner but you’re missing it mid-screen because you’re not doing it the input soon enough.

Just a guess.


Yes that is actually precisely my problem. After the tatsu I can never reach the opponent fast enough midscreen. I will now go try the new input you suggested, thank you very much.


use the HK version