Stride Gum's Save The Arcade 2 - Vote for Arcade Infinity! aka shoo lets it all out!

As redundant as it may seem (this is already on the front page, but ignored) I’d like to come to my srk brethren for help.

In case you weren’t aware (S)SF4 is pretty big here in socal. Being so big we do the best we can to bring you amazing content. Including high quality streams and videos. Arcade Infinity is no stranger to any of that.

Arcade Infinity was the second (if i recall correctly) arcade in socal to get vanilla SF4 back in september 08. Since then, me and a few others have thanklessly worked hard to run tournaments and provide the internet with our high quality videos.

…and then it happened! SSF4 coming to arcades!

With this announcement we knew the work ahead of us and are still willing to provide HQ content for our viewers.

so it all comes down to this:

This is the link to what we are asking everyone to do

The good people at stride gum have offered $25,000 to the winning arcade people are willing to fight for.

Its simple, play a robotron clone (roboclone?) where you accumulate points and donate them to the arcade of your choice.

Why should you vote for AI?
We are the only arcade with a SF4 and incoming SSF4 scene in the near future.

This is where I come to ask the help of the fighting game community.
Play this game
Be gracious enough to donate your points to us
Expect amazing things if we win.

Thank you :love:

haha, goofy game.

Won about 60k…will play more and spread the word for sure. I love coming to Arcade Infinity when I go out to Cali for work.

Vote for arcade ufo. :d

donated about 500,000 points.

will probably play some more later. died on the last level and now i just want to beat the stupid thing.

keep it up guys, its a close race between ground kontrol.

Donated a decent amount of points, not a fan of that Cow game though otherwise I could help much more.

Anyway I can play this with my TE stick?
Keyboard is very limiting, I’m sure I could do 10x better with my arcade stick.

Anyone tried/know?

use joy2key

This bullshit again? Yeah. Let’s modify that ridiculous question in the OP:

“Why in the fuck does AI actually need this handout, other than being a Cali arcade and following the wonderful Cali tradition of asking for money from people it doesn’t benefit at all?”