Stride Or Die - A tribute to Strider Hiryu

To all,

      It's with great pleasure that CSVagrant and I release our next video, 'Stride Or Die' which is a tribute to the character Strider Hiryu from Capcom. The video features combos, glitches, strategies and almost everything to do with Strider Hiryu. This video was made for Strider fans to enjoy and for all to see what is truly possible when using Strider in Marvel Vs Capcom 1 & 2 along with the other games Strider is featured in.

Please comment and rate, we hope you enjoy this video. :sweat:


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So far this is WAY better than the sf4 vid. As always your marvel shit is insane, So do us all a favor(And yourself) and stick to marvel vids. :slight_smile: While you’re at it go make a TvC Combo vid, I’ve yet to see one :frowning:

Good shit!

excellent seeing some strider vids

does anyone use strider/doom/sent in mvc2 anymore? Haven’t seen that team in videos in a long time

Thanks everyone for the feedback, glad you guys enjoyed the video. Yeah, Strider rocks! :lovin:

LoL, thanks Mystic. Well, that SF4 vid was put together in just 6 hours on the day it came out. We rushed that vid like crazy just for kicks. Don’t worry, I assure you that it won’t happen again. Speaking of that vid though, we’re working on a follow up video for SF4 just so we can give it justice. You can all expect the Ryu & Ken follow up video soon. :wgrin:

TvC… hmm, I do own a Wii… maybe…


Just watched it, great stuff blazt ! Keep those combos coming :slight_smile:

Srsly, I miss the X team, Especially wonderland drug lol. But yea TvC combo vid, STAT!!

Thanks bro. CSV and I will continue making vidz, no doubt. How’s the Ice Machine doing these days? We should play a game for old time sakes. I still remember those good old days when we played the MvC 4 player games. Hit me up on AIM whenever if you’re down.

Haha, yeah, you’re not the only to tell me that. There is a chance you might see -X- return… maybe. I’ll tell WonderLand that you said sup, I see him on AIM sometimes. Right now, I’m the only one who owns a Wii. I’ll look into getting TvC.

Thanks again everyone and we hope you enjoyed the vid. -BTS

I cried… You made Strider look like the best thing t happen in MvC lolol goood job and good editing skills. Where could I find more of your stuff?

You can find us right on Our past/present content is on our site, and youtube (user = FightersEvo) as well. Thanks for your detailed feedback!

Just an FYI, the video is on if anyone is looking to download it. -B


BTW, Mystic, we released the SF4 follow up vid… hopefully we’ve redeemed ourselves. LoL :wink:

Check it here: