Stride or Die: The Reset Thread

As SJohnst2 mentioned in the general discussion thread, Hiryu is in need of a thread dedicated specifically to resetting the opponent for meter building and extra damage. In order to maximise this aspect of Hiryu’s point game, let’s put our heads together and fill this thread with all the tricky grab resets and Oki set ups we can find.

I will try my best to keep this thread as updated as often as the combo threads with a similar format. If anything it’s looking like we should be focusing more on resets than maximum combo damage with Strider.

I am cross posting what I wrote in the discussion thread.

Strider is uniquely in need of a good reset thread. Someone not me should make it. Here are the kind of things I mean. All of the following assumes standing opponent.

m h f.h +assist(zero shippuga) teleport M (reset) j.H (left/right) ground combo. The assist recovers so you can use assist 2 for another reset.
m h f.h +assist(iron man beam) f.h teleport M (reset) j.h(left/right) ground combo. need a long combo before assist 2 is ready.
The combo before the reset is about 200k.
Those two are both unjumpable after the reset. This means you can opt for a similar reset attempt into another ground combo. If they do jump you can still do a damage combo but will need to reset differently.

Spencer grapple deserves a long look because you can do nearly any combo for 400k, stand them up, and try to setup bad situations. I haven’t nailed post spencer set ups.

Assists that look promising for this type of reset must keep the opponent standing :sent drones, ammy cold star.

Strider can put alot of shit on screen. I suspect the right way to play him is to lock down the screen so no assists can be called, and if they do call assists kill it with Gram H into repeated orb shots. Then you run mixup into resets on the point character, after one or two resets do a full 500k combo. Next character get orb super’d and killed. Then full screen lockdown on third character and GG.

Against a cornered sentinel after a air combo : Call drones, call WW2 bomb.Teleport left/right for 50/50 mixup.
against medium height(skrull) : call drones , call WW2 Bomb. pause, c.L to catch no roll, teleport left/right, bomb hits for 50/50. If they roll backward c.l whiffs. but they wakeup into bomb. if they roll forward into drones, the teleport still 50/50.
against dog: the above should still work, but you also get to teleport divekick and setup a high/low/jump left/right. Its actually worse to be short, but harder to perform.

Some funny combos if you teleport early instead of using the c.L (and if they don’t jump) against skrull height characters. You teleport behind, and mixup with double jump forward. If you stay in the corner and simply land you can call another WW2 bomb and dash under. That will either reset or combo. Hit them with a gram L, orb shot, relaunch combo. Looks sick and if it resets the whole thing is ridiculous damage. That path through the chain is 400k ,reset, 200k, reset, 400k if you don’t burn meter.

Midscreen after an air combo, calling one dog locks down neutral and back roll,two dogs covers all roll techs. Sentinel covers the forward rolls to let you call one dog and teleport.

None of the above has been tried with assists. I’m sure calling them to take dog hits will complicate matters some but its still not even release day.
I’m pretty sure few if any assists will get through the WW2 bomb setups. I’ve tried some things. You should always catch the assist with the bomb. The point character is usually shielded from the drones and bombs if they crouch. If they jump the bomb will hit stun or hit them. So you are proteced from jump throw. You should be able to j.h the point character though and keep him in block stun. Now this is the decision point: attack or run away. I think priority should be given to staying safe to live another day. but if you can do damage to the assist that is awesome. If have three meters call Orb super. Make the opponent feel stupid for not blocking.

Resets, Bnb’s, mixups and tricks here guys.

haha, i just found out the vergil assist bnb myself like 1 hour ago. but i appreciate the use of M excalibur while vergil crosses up. that has never crossed my mind before. and thanks for the video in general. i learned some neat things from it.

I’m glad you enjoyed it, just trying to contribute to the legend strider.

If you check at 50 seconds I edit it too tight but I slide under then enemy with strider going into the assist, if they block this I can cross up, low, or teleport kick em during the confusion.

M excaliber is so vicious because unlike Zero’s teleport he is a hit box, so if they jump they have to block and will have a hard time punishing because vergil will be moving them around, if they try to grab they’ll probably get hit. Everytime i do that cross up they get hit on a different side. If i don’t know what will happen how will my opponent?

Those some stage 1 shenanigans right there.

Lmao taking back to our roots

Love this title thread.

And good shit Cornbread, picked up a number of things from that vid.

Dunno if it’s viable or not but you can do a crossup/groundbounce if you do a basic air combo ending with light excalibur, land, jump to wall and divekick on the air recovery. they might be able to air recover backwards and completely dodge it but im not sure

Strider has allot of reset and combo potential with dantes jam assist. I’m trying to discover things with it… you can do a basic air combo series, slide+dante assist, wallclimb, drop… or call dante, launch, then follow it up with Vajira, then a slide or satelite orb when the opponent lands…

I’m liking Strider/Dante/Doom and Strider/Wesker/Doom at the moment. I think Strider benefits the best with characters who can increase his combo potentials, so i recommend wesker or dante. Doom’s beam assist is a great assist for strider because it allows reset and mix up pressure.

I found some cool stuff with Strider in training mode, great thread by the way, and Cornbread, I love what you have in your video.

Looking for a reset loop with Mid Gram, jump light, or standing light.

I love Tiger Knee Excalibur for rushdown, it’s really mean.
Cross up with formation A and Heavy Vajra hits low front high back.
Formation A wait, and Vajra to kick them into the explosion.
and I see you jump cancel(yeah I played Guilty Gear) his air launch, not sure what this could be good for, but id love to hear any ideas

I’ll have to watch over that video again and play around with those answers, again, I love the thread, Strider is freedom.

Man, i wish i had your dexterity. Im at day one of my strider training, and im having execution problems with combo, lsunch, vajira, anddoing his satelite. Its either i need to practice double motions better or my joystick is messed up.

Im loving the chemistry of strider/vergil, but strider/dante is another good pair. Does that m excalibur stuff work with doom’s beam assist to?

I haven’t tried but it should it might just be harder to combo with because doom knocks down, however if they do block you can use dooms lock down to get that instant overhead.

The number one thing about doing that satellite is to give yourself as much time as possible by hitting S at the last possible second, try and keep combo count under 3 before launch, do j.m near peak of your jump, double jump do dj.h pretty soon after then delay j.s and buffer qcb S on your way down.

so i was playing around in training and i think i found a pretty good reset in the corner

edit: c.l,c.m,c.h, launch ,m,m,h ,light excaliber, jump, m, h, light excaliber, S, m,m,h, Hard excaliber then as you fall double jump and grab the opponent

sorry no F+hard

I like the sound of that combo, Davidstar, I’ll have to try it.

My thinkin is that, M gram mid screen will give you good placement for a reset loop and it’s also more useful during a match, not sure this is a good place for strat discussion. Me personally, Strider is the only character i’ve ever liked learning combos for in any game. A thread titled Stride or Die is a thread I must post on, haha.

With Mid Gram, and this is just theory, I dont have a stick and I’m not the best at combos because I rarely hit training mode.
But, I would imagine Mid gram, standing mid, light gram.
Me, I saw mid gram, jump light, light gram, satilite reset, mid gram.

Any thoughts before hitting training mode again with this idea?

I was wondering what kind of :h: excalibur double jump shenanigans Hiryu had up his sleeves. That sounds pretty legit. Can’t wait to try it when I finally get the game tomorrow. Hopefully we can get it to work mid screen.

I wanna get my hands on this game already. I have a feeling that Strider/Doom/Spencer is just gonna be too sick of a team as far as synergy and reset potential goes.

This very nice vid was posted in the video thread by Saishuu Kessen. You can see here that after a hard knockdown Strider can summon a robo-tiger and OTG slide the opponent to hit the same time. It causes the opponent to pop up really low for a sneaky air grab opportunity.

wow that was some nice stuff

Good info, helps a lot!