Stride or Die: The Reset Thread

Don’t have access to the lab atm so I’ll ask here. How punishable is M excalibur on block? I know it’s recovery seems to be pretty bad, but if it’s tk’d Strider can hit standing opponent and potentially attack in the air for OH or land for low. Only with how he has to do that little flip in the air, it doesn’t seem lilke much of a useful option.

M excalibur is -11 on block. It’s a really unsafe move without an assist covering it, even on hit.

Gram Loop in corner seems like it has potential for damage with resets, but it might be too matchup dependent .

c.M/j.S, s.H, s.623L, s.214Sx2, s.H, s.623L, s.214Sx2, s.H, s.623L, s.214Sx2, s.H, s.623L, s.214S, s.3H

j.6H, s.214S, s.H, s.623L, s.214Sx2, s.H, s.623L, s.214Sx2, s.H, s.623L, s.214S, s.3H

j.6H, s.214S, s.H, s.623L, s.214Sx2, s.H, s.623L, s.214Sx2, s.H, s.623L, s.236AA

EDIT: Replace j.6H with 236S and use cross-ups and mix-ups to prevent throw scaling.

after an air combo into hard knockdown, call sentinel drones, wall climb and go from there.

theres so many options you have like wall switch, dive kick, get off the wall, dive kick cancel into m excalibur, dive kick into l excalibur, etc.

Have you tried calling a dog prior to sentinel? Do you still get all those mixups if they pushblock the dog during neutral/back away roll?
The dog will lock them in blockstun if they roll away from drones.

you probably can. this mixup/reset is so free form you can do almost anything

good name for a thread, I just picked up strider cuz he works wonders with Chris since stiders Varaj assist is probably the best assist in the game IMO especially since it helps Chris’ deadzone… anyway at first I would always get scared playin with strider but now I’m gettin really confident just because he has so many damn mix ups it’s sickening. I can really see why he has so low health. Honestly if he had more health than he has now I think you would see 90% of people using him. He would be used as much as if not more than Wesker.

My gameplan with strider IF he happens to be the last on my team is just to keep doing mix ups till I get Ouroborus. That super… jesus it’s like dark phoenix spam. I can really see why THAT is also a level 3 and not a level 1 though I would agree with a slightly shorter duration and a level 2! But we know that won’t happen hehe. I honestly think over time Strider is gonna become most peoples anchor character… he’s just too good!

Post TAC I do an air throw which leads to a reset opportunity for strider. I messed up the first combo


flying screen, call drones, qcf+s into options is probably the best reset game I’ve read so far.

definitely can’t jump, doesn’t matter where you roll to, leads to big combo, doesn’t really scale that bad, even if blocked it still leads to mixup opportunities. However, if you’re not playing drones, I don’t see any other assist doing that as well. You could always roll away owards the dog to get away depending on the spacing unless you were just super tall like sentinel. Every other reset I’ve seen for strider has certain things wrong with it. The drones version almost has nothing wrong with as far as mixups go. I rike dat!

in the corner dog assist, qcf+s, into BS option tree is stupid. Doesn’t matter where you roll to as long as you space it properly. Should be god like there.

yup, that drone shit is fucking nasty. Definitely allows for pretty much all his mixups to be utilized IMO. I tested that same scenario with dog and its not there midscreen. There is always a spot they can roll to to escape it with qcf+s. In the corner though it works fine but you can’t abuse all the options like opposite side wall cling.

Now the question is, which assist gives strider the best mixup game? Just because dog doesn’t give you that doesn’t mean dog doesn’t give you some free shit still. You can double plink dash against someone waking up and this will auto track the opponent to any direction they roll to. There is no guessing game on wake up when your character can plink dash, you will constantly be on them after knockdowns for free. Then you can just do a poke+dog and even if they push, they’re going to eat a mixup layer no matter what. So in both cases for dog\drones, they both give you a free mixup. sent gives you more mixups but is the dog mixup stronger?

lets not put team chemistry into the equation just yet, I’m just looking to see strider’s best mixup assists.

anyone got an opinion?

You lost me at wall cling mixups. I always use teleport left/right, and double jumps to try to force a hit. What can strider do after wall cling?

I haven’t even tried dog though.

Doom hidden missiles is a decent mixup assist after a flying screen. You can attempt a high low game if the missiles lock on correctly.

wall cling he can either attack, jump down, jump down + excalibur, or wall cling to the other side.


Here’s a few reset setups in the corner using a meaty formation A tiger. This will pretty much cover any backward and forward rolls, also a good setup if you suspect they’ll try to raw tag.

Lemme know whatcha think.

a nice little reset/cross up that I found just messing around in training mode, not sure if it works outside of the corner and it’s sort of situational but all you really need is x-factor

after an air combo, activate ouroborus. do OTG slide, activate X-factor and do :qcf::m:. durring the reset of slide you cross them up in to the other side. Not sure what you can make of it, possibly start a air :h: x:qcf: :l: loop?

Just wanted to post to post some of my resets with the ninja. Now understand my team is stri/wes/hawk (yeahi kno) but the reset potential is crazy and the only reason i use hawk over doom is because hawk has less scaling and it keeps the opp grounded… now my bnb with strider i combo s. sj j.M dj.H dj.S land ast1 qcb.S qcf.S w.L w.M w.H dp.H as far as the reset it works after wall cling combos (which i can get any where on screen) now after wall cling combo H.gram you can do:
1.dp.L qcb.S rdp.H
1.a qcb.x2
1.b dash df.H
now this is were you mix there shit up wit the first ender can can time the rdp.H to not combo but with the right timing you can get to force block but you land behind them or in front for a 50/50 :smiley:

Now with 1.a you have quite a few options you can dash j.M j.H j.S if it hits you can s.M s.H c.H f.H repeat now if they block the j.m press j.H+wes j.S if you delay it enough wes+j.S should connect at the same time for an unblockable also you can immediately jump+L qcf.L if they try to block low they get hit.

Air throw qcb.Sx2 dash s.M s.H s.S repeat.

This one i actually got while playin the computer j.H j.L land or dj mixups forgot to metion that you have to let them drop a tiny bit.
Now this will have alot of people like wtf when you dash so that when you jum you cross under with j.H j.S qcf.L you will kno you did it right when you jump yall bacc to bacc with each other excalibur will fix your position so you can continue the combo into the same situation…

Now with the 1.b situation you can do a s.H+hawk left/right mix up theres a tiny gap so that if they block yhey wrong way they get hit by arrows combo reapeat, or if they block you can fall and grab. Now if the s.H connects (it will if they try anything short from invinceble hyper do f.H qcb.S dash s.M s.H c.H f.H s.S combo also after s.H+hawk you can qcb.S dash instant overhead with j.L qcf.L for the people it works on… im tired as hell been up since 4 this morn wrappin gifts and preparing dinner but when i get up with my boy ill make a video to show a visual of what im doin ill post up some of the other mixups that i use later or tommorow, try it out tell me how you feel :smiley: one

After a hardknockdown in the corner call ww2 bomb and then do vajra no matter the way they roll the bomb hits and you get a combo which can do up to 600k given the right assists after if they block the vajra the bomb explosion makes you safe at which point you can throw them

Not sure where to put this but here it goes. Another good mixup on an incoming character besides wall cling stuff is doing Ame-No-Murakumo M or H and crossing under them. The hitbox of Ame-No-Murakumo is large enough and kinda up and behind strider so that its not a bad option. From the right distance can be very ambiguous. Throws some birds or whatever and you’ve got a confusing setup.

There is a certain reset involving Zero’s ryujin assist that i would want tested out.

It goes like this in the corner:

Aircombo, Land,Call Zero, Ground slide,Zero hits, Call eagle bomb, jump into air throw.

What i want to ask is if this is safe against human comp? I can’t test it right now due to being out of my area for a couple of days but i am very anxious to hear some results of this reset.

You can also try going for his Formation B (the orb bomb, right?) instead of the eagle bomb, and then release the orb bomb after the air throw.

Can someone test this

In the corner after doing a air combo and getting a hardknockdown do a slide and call a lockdown assist at the same time, there forced to roll in the same direction as you and then the assist pins then down allowing you to go for a instant overhead.
I usually call formation B before the slide and assist so once I do the instant overhead theres a 600k combo waiting for them after my 400k meterless

How are you forcing them to roll in the same direction as strider? When I do this they can roll wherever they want to.