Strider 2014 Available Now


Capcom announced a new Strider game at Comic-Con

Confirmed for PS3, 360, Xbone, PS4 and PC.


Is that good or bad, make up your own conclusion.


Fuck Crapcom.


Double Helix kills the hype for me considerably. Even though the new KI shows promise they are still a developer that doesn’t have a good game to their name.


Updated to first post.


Rofl, it has some of his umvc3 animations. Looks nice though. Now, if you can launch then air-combo? Will definitely look into buying. Moto gettin’ dat paper.


please dont fuck it up…


Looks like its getting the rearmed look. Looks amazing. Wondering how a co-op Strider would look like.


Keep in mind:

-Strider has two teams, Double Helix and Capcom Japan out of Osaka.

-The original Strider and Strider 2 developers are the main designers of Strider. Double Helix is doing the grunt work

-Metroidvania style.

Sounds hype to me.


That is very reassuring. Hype is back.


Hrm, that seems interesting.


Crazy the original Strider developers are still at Capcom. Most other franchises at Capcom don’t have most of their original developers around anymore.

This is equivalent to getting the DMC4 developers together to make the next DMC game. I have faith.



Bleh looks like a sequel to Strider 2… which was a good arcade game but it had nothing on the original (arcade, not NES). Then again, one of the developers of Strider 1 made Moon Diver which wasn’t that great either.

EDIT: And DH and “original developers” sounds like Ninja Theory and “Capcom supervision.”


Red trails on gray backgrounds the game.


That looks fun as fuck. This is going to be a 14.99 digital title? Day 1.

Dat pacing and Strider’s animations=GDLK. You know Strider is going to have some dumb options in this game from watching that video.


Game is looking great. I noticed launched one of the enemies for an air combo. It’s cool they are adding some MvC stuff to the game.


Doom isnt in this game. YAWN

Also can you run like a bitch til you get one bar for orbs?


Not too big of a surprise, this was called months ago when the Steam page details and logo leaked. Hope it turns out great.


Nothing wrong with being skeptical due to Double Helix, but ATLEAST wait til you actually play the game before bitching. Give it a fair shot