Strider av request

someone mind helping me out?

I like the one I have right now which I threw together myself but just wondering if someone can elaborate on it and make it better. If your going to copy the one I have up right now, try to use the same strider picture where he’s pointing.

this is the picture I used but I think theres a mvc1 version on the net still thats much crisper.

this link is for a strider sprite rip. Get funky with it and do what you want. Something cool though. I really like the sprite group the 4th from the bottom. He’s jumping around but not throwing a sword.

I like the strider picture @ the bottom of the sprite page too.

Quick av:

Don’t gotta sport it if you don’t want to.

:tup: Nice as always KZ… dood.

Thanks Dood. :bgrin:

thats definetly better than I can do but i’m looking for something a little more original.

i think i found the pose you are talking about. this isn’t finished by any means (still deciding on positions and stuff) but i wanted to see if you liked the direction before i continue.

the hat on your current avatar gave a ‘usa’ feel so that’s why i added the flag. if you don’t like it, its no skin off my nose. any feedback is good feedback.

btw, i have an alt idea that if it turns out, i’ll post up, too.

hey tech throw, take off that red strider on the right side and give me the uncle sam hat and i’ll rock that AV. The av i’m rocking now is a spin on the uncle sam poster.

still looking for some creative gifs though.


can you post your avatar in it’s original dimensions (larger) and i’ll crop the hat or if you have the original hat itself that would be tight.

I’ve been looking around for the hat with no real success.

nevermind, i was looking at your av wrong. i can get the top hat. i’ll post once i’m done.

i tried.

well just to let you know if you really want a creative avatar you need to become a premium member cuz the kb size of a regular member is to small, if you ever become premium ill make you something like mine

thnx for the color edit alan. I’m gonna rock yours

woah, i missed this.:lol: