Strider block strings?



What block strings are you guys using, or what tools are you using to keep safe?


Without Form B: :l::m::h: (really, anything to an :h: move that isn’t his slide or just :h: itself to) :qcb::s:
With Form B: All of the above with an extra :h: :qcb::s:
With Assist: :l::m::h: :a1: or :a2: :qcf::s: :l: (on the wall) xx :qcf::l:

Paraphrased from a friend, Formation B is really worthwhile to have active during blockstrings because it has a fast start up when being fired. It’s enough to actually beat out most non Wesker command grab Guard Cancels. Wall Cling is considered airborne on frame one or something absurd like that so that’s the go to for beating out command grabs post guard cancel.