Strider Blockstring Training



hallo wie ihr vielleicht wisst , mache ich schon seit Langem MVC2 tutorial Videos …
Striders combo gegen Sentinel habe ich ja schon recht lange auf meinem Youtube Chanel, da strider aber eher ein Lockdown char ist wollte ich einmal zeigen wie man so was trainieren kann .

Hy as you might know i’m doing some MVC 2 tutorial clips on some of my favorite chars I’ve already done strider’s inf on sent but strider is mostly a lock down char and i wanted to show how i train this …
the video shows the basic pattern into orbs … then how i train just the pattern and then against someone hows walking backwards and calling assist all the time …[media=youtube]NJy40vp–68[/media]

i hope this helps new players to get into the game a bit more …


this is a great vid. Could you maybe tell me, while i am doing my blockstrings, how do i deal with alpha counters? Quite a few people are doing this to me during orobouros, how come during match videos i never see the person getting pressured trie that, and how do i deal with it?