Strider clip explanation?


Team tourney match with KillerKai taking the glory.

However there is one thing I’d like to know the mechanics behind at 9:15.

Somehow Strider falls out of range of the Psylocke assist yet he got hit twice with d+lk,lk from Magneto. I remember someone saying that you get pushed back farther when your crouching when you get hit with Mag’s d+lk,lk but that doesn’t explain how Psylocke completely misses and allows Strider to recover long enough to snapback. I don’t play Mag/Psylocke so I’m not so sure on the details.

there are lots of things behind it. the most important two are that strider is small and that he leans back when he’s getting hit while crouching. That means Magneto has to be very close and hit lk lk fast enough to get psy to touch. Yipes quick started magneto, meaning he held lk for the first hit, slightly paused to release lk, then pressed lk again for the second hit. That short pause you get in between the attacks from quick starting as opposed to just mashing short gives strider the extra slide back he needs to make psy totally whiff.

psylockes hit box has more horizontal range up top. short characters can duck it from a certain distance where it would hit them if they were standing. so if someone does a delayed d+short+psylocke, short it pushes strider too far out if hes ducking.

Cool stuff, but you make it sound like you took the hit deliberately. :wgrin:

I actually did somewhat. After I won my match against Eric, I saw Yipes picked storm first, so I knew he was going to quick start. I brought Duc Jr. and Alex Garvin over and I told them “I have something that might work. It’s a gamble, but if it works, we win.” Duc Jr. tells me to whatever my choice is, he’d go with it. I think about it for a bit, then I tell him “I’m going to gamble on him.” You can hear me say that at the vs. screen.

So I quick started strider and went for a c lp. If Yipes did anything other than a c lk, I would’ve beaten him out and just worked the match from there. But if he did the c lk lk, I’d get the opportunity to do that.

i’ve always wondered if that snap out was luck or not.

doesnt that lk lk psy by mag combo in the beginning though?