Strider Combos



Unless I’m looking in the wrong place, looks like nobody started a combo thread yet, so figured I’d start with a couple solo combos.

Nothing exciting (sry), but anyway, I start these off of a HP teleport.

jHK, crLK, :arrow_lower_right:️LK, crHK, jLP, jLP, jLP, qcfHK
2459 dmg

jHK, crLK, :arrow_lower_right:️LK, crHK, jLP, jLP, jLP, qcfHK, jHP
2880 dmg

jHK, crLK, :arrow_lower_right:️LK, crHK, jLP, jLP, jLP, qcfHK, qcfPP
4241 dmg

If anyone has time to experiment, I’ve also managed to end this air string with a deep qcfLP and been able to continue the combo on the ground.


He seems like he has a lot of new stuff, and a lot of his old stuff loops/semi infintes/random links that i showed in my original videos back in UMVC3 seem to be much easier to do and land from a lot of different places. I should have a combo video up in the near future showing a lot of stuff, just a matter of being able to get around to it… but he seems interesting in his own way… Although at the same time, he deff has that mashy feel that it seems they gave to every character as well which is pretty disappointing.


Cool, looking forward to yer vid. U think the random links were off of counter-hit?

And yeah, auto combos are pretty damn lame.


no no im talking about all my old combo videos if youve seen them. No counter hits were in them. And its not even auto combos. Its just doing combos period in the game feels like you are mashing. The whole game has a janky budget awkward sorta feel to it.


Oh, you’re saying legitimately random links…that is jenky. I’ve only played around with the game for an hour or so, but I still think I’ll echo the same sentiment.

Vs games have gotten progressively sloppier-feeling after MvC1 imo, which sux cuz landing tricky combos was always my favorite of capcom fighters. But whatever, I’ll give the game a legit chance–I suspect some of the features will start to grow on me given time


I’ve been using what Clockwork showed on his stream:

any string into crHK>fHP, crLPHP(delay)HK(dog hits)xx qcb+ HP > dash HPHKcrHP fsj, (late)jHP, djLKHP(delay)HK, dash HPHKcrHP sjf, jHP, djLKHPxx qcf+HP xx qcf+PP

In the corner after fHP do cr.lp(delay)HP xx qcb+HP instead and it works. You use the OTG, ground bounce and the wall bounce for this which is nice.This combo also seems really consistent across all characters from what I’ve tried (vs iron-man, hulk, ghost rider, racoon and some others).

I’m not sure what to do if not ending with a super so I’ve just been doing xx qcf+lk (doesn’t hit) in those cases.


Been messing around with mid-screen gram loops

Mid-screen, if you have a Formation B already set up before you start the combo you can do:

c.LK s.HP s.HK qcb.LP qcb.HK qcb.HP qcb.HKx2 qcb.HP qcb.HK x2 qcb.HP qcb.HK x2 qcb.HP qcb.HK x2 22HK s.HP s.HK c.HP j.HP dj j.HP j.qcf.HP qcf.LP+HP

Hits for 5970 damage and builds around 1.5 of bar.

Meanwhile for a confirm off a raw Gram H:

qcb.HP qcb.HK x2 qcb.HP qcb.HK x2 qcb.HP qcb.HK x2 qcb.HP qcb.HK x2 qcb.HP qcb.HK x2 22HK s.HP s.HK c.HP j.HP dj j.HP j.qcf.HP j.qcf LP+HP

6532 damage and 1.33 Bar

Not sure how universal they are at the moment, need to test it. Right now trying to see if there are set ups where you can easily go into the gram H loops early into the combo without having a form B already out.


Great stuff guys!


Do you guys ever try to incorporate Ouroboros into your combos with strider? I’ve been messing around with using it after a Mind stone grab into a Gram loop, followed by a pick up with CR. HK, CR.HP into J.LP, J.LP, J.LK, J.HP, QCF HK, QCF PP.

I’ve been trying to find more Strider combos that initially spend a lot of time on the ground, so my Ouroboros can do a lot more damage and won’t stop my launchers. Any tips?


Also - are there any great setups involving Stider’s Formations? I’ve rarely used them (aside from Formation B ) so I’m curious what options I should be exploring for the each of them.


gram, is very important



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dude thank you for this awesome combos


I’d love to see notations for these combos, game is so fast its hard to follow the moves for a new marvel player. Thanks anyway, great video!


thanks for watching guys, theres deff more he can do and those combos have a lot of mistakes. But hopefully it gives at least a bit of ideas



anywhere we can find notations?


This please

#19 second video


master class strider.

the combos that you use on thor…do they only work on big bodies?