Strider/doom advanced tactics in reply to the earlier lack of good posts thread


alright, just to start off, i am no top player and i freely admit it, but i’ve been playing lots of strider/doom and i know of little things here and there that will help people get better.

and snake, post your shit in here too, and flamers screw off, at least i’m tryin to post some real stuff out here.

alright!..this assumes basic knowledge of how to execute the strider/doom trap, so really this thread will add on to the strats, not combos or stuff, but assist punishing things, miscellaneous things that overall make your team better etc etc.

for starters, i’d like the know the difference between magic series and just punches when you get the opponent in orbs. in my experience, the magic series will charge more meter than just punches. so far the only reason i can think of for people doing punches over magic is to reduce mistakes like switching off.

also, after the teleport, most people will come down with a slash. through experimenting, i now come down with the 2 weak kicks, and then the slash. the slash will not come out at all, but you will hear strider yell and see that bar at the bottom move a little. (by the way this is the teleport with orbs on…)

also, i’ve seen clock do the different launch combo, that is no excalibur, but he plays with the timing a little and gets the hk to connect after the hp…i still haven’t gotten it down yet, but it is much better than excalibur finish for reasons of 1) they can’t roll away, 2) you come down and you’re in their face again which is generally in your favour

my friend has been playin team scrub lately, and his AHVBs are really annoying now since he can chain and he can guardbreak (before he couldn’t so he’s not a cakewalk anymore)…i fair well against him, it’s not like he owns me. but this brings in the question, with mag/psy i just snap that bastard capcomm in and destroy him, and opportunities come a lot (even the juggle infinite comes in handle quite a bit), but not with strider doom.

the only time strider doom gets that snapback or infinite is when you hit them with orbs…which sucks becaue most of the good players know how to block so at most you’ll probably only get 1 chance a match. that and the problem of orbs and doom, you need to time it well so that nothing hits the point character after your snap back or you will have wasted a meter.

but if anyone has better strats for killing assists with strider/doom please share. cuz so far the only way i punish assists is catch them in orbs and call doom after to see their sorry asses scream in pain (which does decent damage mind you)

anyways enough from me l8r dud[e/ette]s


I don’t know the difference between just LPs and LKs and a magic series, so I can’t help you much there… :bluu:

After a teleport, you want to keep the opponent blocking and you want to erase that small window of recovery that Strider goes into after a teleport, so coming in with two weak kicks helps that cause. Also, with Clockw0rk doing the HK after the HP: is that from the SiN video? :smiley: Just curious, because I’ve never seen anyone do that before. Then again, it’s Clockw0rk. :cool: Back on topic… to my knowledge, the HK after HP does more damage than the Excalibur, which is another reason why it’s a little better than just finishing with an Excalibur.

Strider is supposed to own Cable. Theoretically. Cable’s too slow and Strider’s just so dang short. Keep pressuring his Cable with orbs and NEVER stand still (kind of obvious). Always move around, teleport is neccessary, wavedash under him, etc. And as for the guardbreaking, if he does the [j. FP, land, AHVB] guardbreak, sometimes you can catch the opponent off guard by getting hit with the j. FP. Most don’t expect you to get hit on the first shot and Cable’s j. FP hardly does any damage anyway. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Just don’t do it ALL the time. :smiley:

Killing assist with Strider/Doom… If you use Clockw0rk’s team, you can use Sentinel to punish assists fairly easily if he has a lot of meter to burn. If they call in their assist: [c./s. FP XX rocket punch XX HSF, c./s. FP (call Strider in at the same time), (Strider should’ve hit the opponent by now with his Variety assist), c./s. FP XX rocket punch XX HSF, repeat]. They should be dead by the second or third HSF. Not very reliable, but at least it kills those pesky assists.


Heh, finally :slight_smile:
Anyway, I think Strider has more important things other then the trap and many different setups for the trap. One is an air combo I use with Sentinel that goes like launch+Sentinel (ground)jab, Fp. When they land they are forced to block the assist leading into a tigerXXouroboros and more traping.

I also call Sentinel durring the trap for a little extra chip.
As for assists, I use Strider’s bird because I found out that if you alpha counter it into orbs it would help expecially alpha countering into orbs in the begining of a Hyper Sentinel Force which leads into an infinite.

I also had time to figure out some corner cross ups with his corner combo it’s like the regular one launch jab, etc. otg with rh then jump up short, fp, rh and you will land on the other side although I’m not sure if it works on everyone but pretty sure it works on the big four (Note: for some reason it’s hard on Cable and Cyc)

Another thing I’ve figured out is that Strider’s slide sweep is useful for other things beside getting under an AHVB. That move counts as a move not a normal attack which means you can cancel moves into it. What I do sometimes is cancel a launch into it for a good cross up (people never see it comming:evil: )

I’m pretty tired right now so I’ll see what I can remember tomorrow :o

Edit: Good job for making this thread and trying to make a difference, mad props to you man :cool:


thanks snake.

as for the clock doin the hp hk air combo, yes i believe i saw it in the him vs sin vid on…not sure, but i do remember that it was done mid screen and not in the corner.

and for starting the trap off, what i like to do is instead of calling tigers/birds xx orbs, i call the bomb xx orbs while calling an assist. doom doesn’t work well cuz his rocks take too long to go across the screen, but sent’s drones and storms typhoon works well. the bomb does more chip and i like that :stuck_out_tongue:

the bomb xx orbs is very good for punishing assists too. i’m not sure how the mechanics works, but when my friend plays scrub, and starts throwing drones and viper beams at me etc., when i see sent come out, i call bomb xx orbs, and usually the orbs will cancel out the drones, at the same time the bomb hitting sent and maybe cable too…anyways, it hits sent for sure for big damage, teleport in, and i got cable caught in orbs with the big ugly robot dancing, call in doom, teleport to cross cable up so he can’t punish, and right there is almost 50% off sent on high damage…i think i caught his capcomm once with this, and took about 80% off.


and why am i asking about fighting cable? well me and my friend played at an arcade which had damage on low…so strider/doom pretty much annihilated anything he threw at me. but now that we found a new arcade (with better sticks and charges by the hour which is a steal :P), damage is on MAX. normally assists aren’t too bad for strider/doom, but with max damage, 3 corridors will kill strider, or any assist…so the stakes are higher…even getting hit by one corridor already puts me into defense mode, which is very very bad for strider :frowning:

and don’t forget cable…damn…with 5 meters he can kill off 2 characters on that machine!


well, the way I like to start my orbs is usually after a white tiger. Sometimes, its not the massive ammounts of blocking they have to do. Its just that you have be creative and very quick with teleporting to keep them guessing your movements. The only assist I like to use with strider is Doom cause of the chip and too keep them busy during a Teleport. You can always do something like this:
Hopefully, you understand the percise timing needed in it

Basically to start off the match, you wanna wait for the assist to come out and teleport to that side and give it a lil jab to get your opp on the defensive. Immediatly Teleport back jab em up, and get the tiger XX orbs in, then call Doom right when you Teleport, just keep hitting him until the rocks leave, jab a few, Teleport, Jabs, Call Doom during another teleport. At this point the orbs should be done. Wait for the rocks to finish, Jab him up again, tiger XX orbs, Repeat

If you do this again for the 3rd time, you can expect some heavy damage if it was all chip damage or not. It should do half bar on cable, but if you think about it, thats a long way for basically nothing but giving your fingers a workout. The key to the chiping is making sure Doom is standing right next to him, and the timing.

Why do you think hes called CLOCKwork?



Anyway, I feel that Strider/Doom needs something other then block damage to be sucsessful. So here comes the hard part.

Strider dosen’t have that many damaging combos, although you can make up your own that do fairly well, there is still little you can do for damage compaired to the top four. In this case you go to resets and cross ups.

Now here are a couple that I use (mostly clock combos:D )

  1. Near the end of the screen launch+Doom teleport throw Doom rocks hit then air combo of choice.
  2. Launch, magic series (time it so that you are slightly below your opponent) then double jump to the other side and magic series again.
  3. On the ground do magic series ending with fp then the rh slide move, it won’t connect, but it’s too fast for them attack you so they will either get hit or block it. If they get hit you can otg into air combo of choice, if they block you just start the trap once again.
  4. Launch+Sentinel ground lp pause, lp pause fp, drones hit relaunch into air combo of choice.(Note: The begining needs a little timing to get right)
  5. Assuming you cought your opponent in ouroboros. What you can do toward the end is Call Doom then do the rh slide sweep to the other side then when ouroboros end you can combo off. (Note: Make sure you orbs are still on while you slide under)

Thats enough for now, I hope you can consider my thoughts practicle enough since I am no top player :slight_smile:
And… Good luck to all of you out there !


to add on to the combo list i guess, not sure if anyone else has come up with this (so if yes props goes to them)…but seems to work relatively consistent for me…


after a connected ouro, at the end of it call doom. the first swirl of rocks hits them and lifts them off the ground. normal jump and do a magic series ending with hp hk. opponent falls and lands on the rocks that are now shooting out. rejump and do another magic series ending hp hk.


Doing the Hk after FP doesnt just do more damage, but also gives strider better screen placement, and the chance to throw doom out safely while crossing up.

Yes, strider owns cable. Cable cant effectively AHVB against him. All Strider has to do is throw out the long bomb and oro, even if cable decides to AHVB, he will get hit and strider can teleport.


Aight first off you should scroll down and go into Strider thread. There is a S/D thread there that will help you more.

Anyways here my experience and advise.

You never try to snap back with S/D. S/D is a trap nothing more. Repeat Repeat Repeat. Hawk/Bomb/Tiger then into Orbs. To beat cable you do Bomb into Orbs. HOWEVER, that is not completely safe and cable can still blow up the bomb(AVHB). However that is the best chance you can get. Try to keep pressuring him and then hit him with S/D Trap. If you can play strider well then cable should be no problem whatso ever. Just watch out when you do bomb xx orb because cable can still hit you with AVHB.

Strider really has a tough time vs storm and other run aways. He has no chance to build bar effectively and that completely ruins the trap. Try to lock them down and keep them on the ground as best as you can.

About magic series vs just punches. Punches will gain your bar much faster. Nuff said.

And these are some basics.

You really need to practice teleport because he has too many moves and its very annoying. So keep practicing teleport until you can do it on command. Also use teleport effectivly. Dont just use it for orbs. When you see opportunities take it. If your opp has Capcom watch your teleports because when he sees you try to get near him he will just bring him out.

The bottom line is

Strider/Doom is tough to play. You need to be quick and precise about everything you do. Like Clockw0rk vs Jwong in casual play. Clock had him until he tried to bomb xx orb and Jwong hit him with AVHB and explodes the bomb. Clock still could have won even with Mag infinite on sentinel.

I would post more, but I really dont have enough time. Come back later and I’ll post more about it.


Nice post :slight_smile:

This thread is basicly trying to put up new advanced tactic.
AHVB cannot get rid of the bomb, the only reason clock’s bomb blew up is because he did the short bomb.
Cable can get away from the bomb but is very hard and risky. Plus if you know what your doing, he’s not going to get away from anything.
Strider/Doom IMO is more then just a trap. I think it has to do with more of a pressuring system then a trap system, it really depends on the players choice of how there style of useing it is.

Snapping in an assist character actually benifits Strider/Doom because you want to get rid of those trap threatining assist such as cyke, psy, and cap. Also you should use a snap back if both the assist and point character are traped in the orbs which leads into launch infinite.

It is tough as hell to play. You have to be very smart, very agressive/fast, and take every opertunity you have to get any kind of damage in. You also have to know what to do in each situation and know the game alot. I give props to all Strider/Doom players for that reason.


Oh short bomb eh? Anyways Snapping in would help in that way but even still the trap is a lock down. Snapping back would kill your bar. Cable can get away from the bomb. You just super jump out of the way. Thats why you have to be accurate and quick to do things. You cant wait for anything to happen.

And yes Strider doom is probably one of the hardest teams by far. Takes a lot of patience and skill to get a hang of it. But once you do, you could be the next Clockw0rk :lol:


Cable can get away, but what I ment is that he can’t AHVB Strider cleanly when a good Strider player throws out the bomb at the right time.



cable cant shoot the bomb, i believe clock just threw the wrong one . im not sure if cable can jump up and shoot it, but even if he could by that time strider would be blocking. he cant instant ahvb , shoot strider and the bomb at the same time unless he has an assist that will eat the bomb (sent)


No, Cable cannot jump and shoot the bomb. The only ways to get rid of the bomb are to use certain assists at correct times (such as sent ground).

And, someone earlier stated that Cable can just super jump away from the bomb. Yes, he can…but it doesnt mean anything since strider would have already activated oros and teleported which would give strider screen supremacy.


when you start orbs and cable superjumps, warp underhim (you should be warping there anyway). if he tries to stall up there by pulling out some bullshit like viperbeams or grenades superjump and hit him on reaction, wait for him to make his move then go get him. if you catch him up high with orbs make sure to hit him with fierce or rh to cause flying screen effect but the orbs will keep him near you, so you can take his lifeless body down to the ground. if they chose to come straight down with anything your d+fierce will beat his options, including his jump rh. if they know this and block the d+fierce, call out doom+d fierce and warp to the other side of cable and go from there. or if you want to mix him up as hes falling towards the ground, that is also a good option


Re: strider/doom advanced tactics in reply to the earlier lack of good posts thre

when i tried, i could gain 3/4 of a meter with magic series, and only 1/2 of a meter with punches only.

this included starting orbs (in practice mode) right in from of the opponent, magic series (excluding hp and hk) x 2, doom, teleport lk lk hp (does not appear), another magic series excluding hp hk.

too bad my dreamcast broke :frowning: but can someone see how much repeating crouching hp’s charge?


i’ll work on the best way to charge meter when i get home from work, i know its not d+fierce, it has too much lag and is not safe when charging… actually, i just got an idea! i’ll try it tonight and let yall know how it goes…

right now to charge i usually just throw dogs/birds or do tiger knee +short (excalibur that goes straight down)


Devil X I heard you have a dopeass job where all you do is sit around all day at a computer and post on SRK. If so where do you work and hook me up :wink:



:lol: pretty much, i do about a good 2 hours of work a day, which leaves 6 hours open to the imagination :slight_smile: its county work, and the county has a hiring freeze. they havent been giving out jobs for about a few years now because they have too many workers draining the budget while sitting around doing nothing, go figure : P


ewwww…i’m not touchin any arcade sticks you’ve played on…:smiley: