Strider/Doom cheap?


Man, I just got back from the arcade, after finally getting tired of winning so much. Sometimes I would lose on purpose to get to change teams, but the majority of the time, I was using Strider/Sent/Doom. Some of the people were calling me cheap, and calling Strider/Doom cheap. Come on now, I mean, I’ll admit, it is a trap, but still, it is a skillful trap. You have to be good in order to win with them. It’s not like some easy azz cheese trap cough doom/blackheart cough. You have to have skills to pull it off right. There are so many ways to get out of it too. Maybe it’s just lack of skill on their part. What do ya’ll think???


There’s nothing cheap, aside from the glitches that mess the game up (i.e. Gambit glitch or Ruby heart glitch). Those people that complain are scrubs. Tell them to stop sucking so much.


Well, to put it perfectly bluntly, if Doom/BH still works well enough in New Orleans that you’d call it “easy” then that doesn’t say a whole lot for your competition.

Although, truth be told, if they’re whining that Strider/Doom is “cheap”, that doesn’t say a whole lot for your competition, either.

Feel free to quote me on either one.


My friend plays strider/doom and when we wins people they get pissed at him and they start nodding their head alot.


lol dependz on who u playin. They have some pretty good players around here though. im talkin about ease to pull off tho. think bout it, doom/BH u jux have to stay bak photons, and call BH wen needed. with strider/doom, u have to get in there face. it takes way more skill then jux rainin pink shit all day. if they were smart enuff, they woudl aplha counter dat shiet or sumting. OR EVEN PUSHBOCK. one guy just sat there with his cable… :lame:


Step 1:
Read these articles…

On Cheapness [Seth Killian]

Playing To Win [Dave Sirlin]

The SF Straight and Narrow By BLT

Playing To Win Part 3

Step 2: Choose from one of the below 2
-Tell those fucking whimps to read them too before ever playing you again
-Keep taking advangage of them till they either give up and quit [the game was better without those whiners] or adapt and learn how to beat your tactics [congratulations, you found worthy players].

How I deal with it?
First complaint:
“Cheap is nothing more than an admission you can’t handle my intelligently designed playing style”

2nd complaint:
“Fighting games are games of war. War is about 2 things winning and losing. I play to win. You can beat me, just watch what I do and adapt to it?”

3rd complaint:
“There’s no such thing as cheap in fighting games unless you count glitches that disrupt the flow of the game. If you don’t like how I play, don’t play me.”

4th complaint:
“I’m gonna do us both a favour. From now on I’m just gonna keep abusing these tactics till I force you to give up on playing me or learn how to stop me. It’s your choice.”


I’m not talking about ease to pull off, I’m talking about how easy it should be to stop it. If your opposition has any clue how to use Commando assist, Doom/BH should not be easy to pull off at all. Doom has a very interesting time throwing any kind of projectile out against an intelligently applied Commando assist, because both of his main space-control moves (j. fierce and any sort of photon charge) extend him enough that it’s very easy for Commando’s corridor column to hit something. If they throw photons from the air, getting under him and calling Commando on reaction in time to pound him is not hard to do at all… their BH assist only keeps you from going up after Doom, it does nothing to stop you from dashing underneath, and if they try to throw photons with BH, Commando usually will hit both of them.

Strider/Doom, on the other hand, is a lot harder to defend against if the player doesn’t make any unforced errors.


LOL… whoever says that S/D is cheap is a scrub. S/D is incredibly hard to play and hard to master. If people say that when they use while using Team Scrub or some Nub team, thats a even more reason for me to kick their ass with S/D trap. No one wants to take the time to learn a team, they just want to pick up and team and automatically win. And when they cant do this they get pissed cuz your 10x better then they will ever be because you took the time to learn.

Bottom line: Play S/D trap, show off your skills, embarass them, scare them off of the arcade. :lol:


heh…im not worried bout doom/BH, i can get past it (unlike some otherz). there are sum hella good players round here that can get outta my strider/doom trap though.

opinions now: wat would yall count as cheap. :smiley:


Well, there’s a reason why people pointed you at Seth’s “On Cheapness” article, et al. And it’s also apparent that you didn’t follow the link.

Many of the people on these forums play in tournaments. The people who do so can always smell out the ones who don’t a mile away. And one of the easiest ways to tattoo the word “scrub” on your forehead is to utter the word “cheap” as part of a serious strategy discussion.

A tournament player doesn’t stop to think about what’s “cheap”. At least, not if he intends to win. A tournament player who thinks about what’s “cheap”, or who wants to play the game a certain way to have “fun” with it, or who inhibits themselves by wanting to play a certain character in the game, isn’t going to get very far.

Justin Wong is the best on the planet because he’s the best at eliminating all of these pre-conceptions of what’s good, what’s bad, and what he wants to do and just going out and toying around with everything. Over the years, I have seen tournament film or in person witnessed him him using Strider/Storm/Doom, MSP, BH/Sentinel/Commando, Magneto/Cable/Cammy, Storm/Sentinel/Cammy, Mag/Cable/Cyclops, Mag/Cable/Doom, Mag/Cable/Sent-A, and Storm/Sentinel/Cyclops, just going off of the top of my head. Even though Justin can possible be considered the most influential player in terms of narrowing the top tier down to four chars in this game, that’s a huge variety of teams, practically all of them using very different philosophies and different ways you have to play the chars to make them work, and he makes them work because he experiments with absolutely everything in order to figure out how it works. Meanwhile, you see people saying Cable sucks. I’ve seen a certain famous player who shall remain namless here claim that Justin’s Magneto wasn’t fast enough (because it didn’t live up to a certain model player the guy had in mind that was nowhere near as effective in the end), that his Sentinel wasn’t as good as Alex Valle’s, that Cammy’s AAA sucks, that Cable shouldn’t work at that level, that Magneto needs a setup assist to be effective, or whatever, all while Justin was pounding the holy hell out of everyone on the planet with Magneto/Cable/Cammy and later Storm/Sentinel/Cammy.

Don’t sit back and think something shouldn’t work, and it only works because “that’s just Justin” or because it’s “cheap”. Go out and figure out why it works and how to do it.


there are only a few things that are cheap in MvsC2.

glitches such as gambit and ruby heart. thats about it… other than hitting your opponents start button during the match or something stupid like that.



haha hittin ur opp start button:lol:


Those aren’t forms of cheapness. They’re flat out cheating.