Strider/Doom open combos



I need some new combos, i mean something flashy with Strider and the Doom assist.
I havn’t played in a long time, but for some reason i have the imagination to try this Combo (although i don’t know if it is right, so some on confirm it for me).

Anyway: s.LP,c.lp+doom,,c.hp (launch) SJ.lp., lk hp, hk, [opponent falls on rocks then bounces back up] dj., throw.

Does that work, or is it wrong somewhere?

Please share some Combos, thanks in advance


I don’t know about your combo,but why don’t you just try (call doom + jab, strong, launchxxteleport behind them, air throw into rocks. It’s kinda like yours but a lot less complicated.:smiley:


Thanks but i want something flashy.

I remember seeing that combo here before, but i can’t recall where and when.

Besides i want some new combos. :cool:


Well, I think you got to get the timing right for the part up until the part where they hit the rocks. As for bouncing back up for the throw, I can’t even imagine the timing on that. To be consistent w/ that you’d have to know the exact positioning of the rocks to make them bounce into the perfect position for the throw. The thing that makes that hard is that the rocks come out a little different everytime. I’m no expert, and I haven’t seen the vid your talking about, so this entire post may be completely inaccurate. Think you could post a link to the vid?